Why We Are Loving Get Into The Limelight Tanning Products

Want to nail a natural, believable bronze? Look no further than Get Into The Limelight Fake Tanning products. Far more forgiving than many one-off fake tans, their long-lasting Dark Chocolate Sunless Tanning Mousse has a rich brown tint that allows you to see exactly where your sunless tanner has been applied. This way you can start off with less product and gradually apply more to build up intensity without a streak in sight. The result? A beautiful sun-kissed golden glow that no-one would ever know wasn’t natural!

Three-year-old self-tanning brand Get Into The Limelight— the brainchild of Harvard educated entrepreneur and recent mother Lindsay Hirsch, is woman run and founded, USA made tanning company with firm Bachelor Nation following. With celebrity fans including Heather Martin, Ashley Martson, Emily Ferguson and more, it is no wonder they have sold tens of thousands of bottles to date across the nation.

Since the beginning, positivity have been ingrained in Get Into The Limelight’s DNA. From being one of the first self-tanning brands to be 100% made in the USA and cruelty-free, to the founder Lindsay Hirsch’s narrative of continued advocacy of self-confidence and self-acceptance via Instagram — the brand stands for more than just gorgeous sun-kissed glow. Get Into The Limelight works with real women and engage with their consumers to not only market their product but to also build a powerhouse brand that their customers emotionally connect with and loyally stand behind. With a strong female following and a cult following of celebrity fans, Get Into The Limelight is continuing to grow on a fast trajectory.

Their professional strength formulas can be used on the face and entire body. Not only do their products give a natural, streak free glow but their products can also be used to enhance the abs, disguise cellulite and cover up any unwanted stretch marks. Made with organic and natural ingredients including acai berrys, figs and plant extracts, their formula gives off a pleasant smell unlike many other faux tanning products. 

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