Why natural stone sinks? Because they are forever.

Have a look at this unique option to classic ceramic sinks. Stone washbasins are fully made from characteristic solid stone that can be found in exotic Indonesia. The original shape is formed over millions of years, and our manufacturing personel converts it into a finished shape at the very end. Consider ancient stone sculptures which outlived big empires. The same rule applies to rock sinks and rock bathtubs made by Lux4home™.

Natural stone sinks are just like ancient sculptures

They represent the highest quality of human creativity and endurance in making timeless artifacts. It’s easy to forget what a gorgeous and interesting story each stone bathtub or granite sink has when it leaves the manufacture. All of these items date back to a time when mankind did not even exist on the planet. Marble, which is used to create stone sinks, or river rock, which is used to produce a stunning bali soaking bathtub, were formed over millions of years during the planet’s formation. That is why these items are just so unique. No other artificially created sink, such as porcelain sinks, has such a lengthy history.

Get inspired by this catalogue of natural stone basins for sale:

Stone Bathroom Sinks – Stone Wash Basins

How to produce stone sinks?

The key is getting the right stone material. Lux4home is an experienced supplier and our production team knows where to get the stone that will stand forever just like an ancient sculpture that you can admire on vacation. Most suppliers just pass over the goods to shipment after they are completed. However, with Lux4home manufacturing process, the product is never sent without going through a rigorous Quality Control procedure, which is carried out by staff members that specialize in this type of work. This is what sets our stone washbasins apart from other stone bowls on the market.Lux4home is confident to say that all of the goods produced by us are completely functional and will last years and years. No other manufacturer can promise this, thus we are proud to admit that Lux4home offers the best natural stone sinks and stone bathtubs in all Indonesia.

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