Why More People are Working Out at Home

We all know about the global trend for improved fitness; you only have to look at the many gyms and fitness centres that are everywhere to understand that most people follow an exercise regime. Of course, the range of people that do work out is diverse; from the middle-aged man who wants to lose some weight, to the professional athlete who wants improved stamina, and everything in between and with the arrival of the pandemic, many people decided to replace the gym with their spare room at home.

Designing your Home Gym

If you would like a specialist company to design and install a home gym, check out this leading Thai supplier, https://www.decathlon.co.th where you can source everything you need. The first thing to do is calculate your budget and decide what equipment you need and with low-interest finance, you can spread the cost over a couple of years.

The Pandemic

Many gyms and fitness centres had to close because of Covid-19 and this made many people take a look at setting up a gym at home. Of course, you don’t have to acquire all of the fitness equipment in one go, you can start with a treadmill and add items as and when you can afford it. Once you have experienced working out at home, you will not want to return to the gym; think of the time and money that you will save by creating a home gym!

Online Workout Routines

YouTube hosts hundreds of thousands of get fit videos and you will find a routine that works for you, whether you are an athlete or a novice. The great thing about exercise and workout videos is you can watch as many times as you like and when you’re ready to pump some iron, start the video. It is possible to hire an online personal trainer, who will interact with you via a video call. You can also join a virtual fitness class, which most gyms are now offering and this eliminates human contact, vital if we are to beat Covid.

Working from Home

Many people switched to working from home when the pandemic emerged and spending more time at home could include your workout routine. Once you have experienced the freedom of working from home, you won’t wish to revert back to the daily office grind, indeed, many employees have requested to continue working from home. When you consider that you can find a fitness equipment supplier that will design and install the gym, this is a very attractive proposition and one that many people choose.

Many people switched to working from home when the pandemic emerged and spending more time at home could include your workout routine with help of a big timer.

Freedom & Independence

Rather than having to stick to gym opening times, when you have your own mini-gym in the spare room, you no longer have to fit into someone else’s schedule. If you would like to view a wide range of fitness and sports equipment, Google is your best friend and can help you find out the cost of a mini-gym at home.

Resistance bands are an excellent piece of fitness equipment that can help you to tone and strengthen your muscles. If you’re using heavy resistance bands, there are several ways to incorporate them into your workout routine. How to Use Heavy Resistance Bands? One option is to wrap the band around a stable object and perform exercises such as bicep curls or tricep extensions. Alternatively, you can step on the band and use it for exercises such as squats or lunges. Another way to use resistance bands is to perform rows or chest presses by anchoring the band behind you and pulling or pushing it towards your body. With a little creativity, there are many ways to use heavy resistance bands to achieve your fitness goals.

Here is some Thai government information about health & well-being, which we should all take the time to read.