Why is composite decking so expensive?

Composite decking can be considered the best example of using tech for duplicating some ancient methodologies of doing anything with the concerns of something. But, unfortunately, decking is severely dependent on wood or any other material which needs a significant portion of organic reserves. If you are one of those people who wish to switch to composite decking, you are contributing to saving your environment by just setting up a great deck. 

But it is not that easy. One primary disadvantage of opting for composite decking; they are very pricey compared to the usual wooden decking, even if you get it done from experts like Brite Decking Australia. You might be wondering why it is so expensive? And why is it worth its price? Let’s find answers to those questions. 

They can be considered as an investment. 

The primary reason composite is pricey is that it cannot be considered an expenditure. You can consider it as an investment. They need much less maintenance with time compared to available decks. 

Composite decking materials are made to resist mold, rot, and mildew. So, there is a possibility of bug damage. It might come at a very heavy price, but it would help save a lot of cash for a very long time. 

Long warranties

Wood decking is likely to ruin because of organic circumstances like termites, rain damage, etc.; strong timber like hardwood is weaker than composite material, which pressurises you to get it repaired often with your money. 

Composite decking consists of extended warranties, which cover your maximum repairs and stop you from repeatedly spending your money on the same thing. 


You will be stuck with the regular old wood with some old wood decking. If you need some additional colors, you might have to paint it yourself, which can be an excruciating process. 

In complete contrast to wood, composite decking allows you to purchase pre-colored portions, which are easy to install and don’t even need additional time for painting. If you notice the color scheme, you might want to have fun working with the composite decking.  

Long-lasting nature

Wooden decks tend to last for 15-16 years, no matter how much you maintain or take care of them. But, if you are not maintaining it properly, then from 16 years, it can turn to 8 years real quick. So, make sure you are maintaining it very nicely. 


Composite decks cost about two times what you are paying for a deck made up of wood, but it also lacks almost 20-30 years without any maintenance. As a result, they don’t tend to get scratched easily. They don’t even fade quickly and stay intact for the years to come. That is why the composite deck is the best choice compared to the wooden deck. But you have to maintain it correctly; otherwise, it’ll get vulnerable quickly.