Why I Can’t Live Without My Kanken Backpack – By Mandeep Rai

I have read many things online about how good these backpacks are but it just looked like a normal backpack to me. With a hefty price tag, could I justify paying so much for a backpack? Even in the run up to prime day the prices were high.

I have 3 children and I was looking for a bag that I would be able to squeeze everything into. That’s a big ask as I usually take everything but the kitchen sink with me when I’m out. My birthday was coming up and I asked for a Kanken and I got one. YIPPEE!!

I had read many negative reviews online. I was hoping this would not become an item that I would regret spending so much on, even if it was a gift.

My bag arrived and I immediately fell in love with the dark grey colour. This colour goes with almost anything right. I checked the bag over to make sure it was the real deal. After that, I was good to go.

I’m going to go through what I think of the backpack and then I will tell you what I put in it.

So, when I first held the backpack I thought, wow its super light weight. It’s made from Vinylon F which makes it more durable. It’s not like your average canvas backpack. It’s water resistant which means it’s not waterproof, but it doesn’t get soaked in the rain. I have washed the backpack once and I used soapy water and a toothbrush and let it dry naturally in the garage(not in sunlight).

Moving on to the design of the backpack..well there is one small compartment at the front. This compartment has a rain flap and that helps keep rain water out, but I find it quite fiddly to get into if I’m in a rush.

The main compartment has two zips. These zips allow the bag to open up all the way round so that it can be packed like a suitcase. I absolutely love this as I can lay my backpack on the table and keep filling up every inch of space. There is also a laptop compartment at the back of the bag and it is padded so it protects my laptop and makes the backpack comfy for me to carry. There are two narrow side pockets; one on each side of the backpack.

The back of the backpack has a criss cross design for the straps. This distributes the weight evenly on my back. The straps can be adjusted and secured with a snap button which is at the top of the straps. This makes it easier if I want to hold my backpack with the handles as opposed to on my back. I find the straps sturdy and they don’t dig into my shoulders either.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the seat pad in the pocket at the back of the main compartment. The seat pad is there to protect my back against the things that I am carrying and it doubles up as a seat too. What’s not to love!!

That gives you an idea of the backpack itself. Now it’s time to tell you what I put in my kanken. I have three of everything: one for each of my children.

  • Spare clothes Water bottles Activity packs Colouring pencils Tablets
  • Windbreakers Anti bac hand gel
  • Mini Hand-wash and face towel (because sometimes anti bac hand gel doesn’t cut it)
  • Sun hats and suncream Snack bag
  • One pair of headphones

My keys, purse and mobile phone, perfume, body spray, small makeup bag, sewing kit, my diary and a roll of washi tape(organising on the go)

And that’s me. A full backpack and ready for anything. I love my backpack. I love packing it and using it. I think the fabric is very clever and works for me. I bought my kanken 15″ laptop backpack for £56 from Amazon. I can fit everything I need into this backpack for my travels around Kent (mainly Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham lol). I will enjoy this sturdy backpack for years to come.

Article By Mandeep Rai