Why do museums attach great importance to the safety performance of exhibit cases?

Project Briefing and Building OverviewThe China Military Museum is the only large comprehensive military history museum in China, covering an area of more than 80,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 60,000 square meters and a display area of more than 40,000 square meters. The main building is 94.7 meters high, with 7 floors in the center and 4 floors on both sides. By the end of 2012, the museum has 22 display halls and 2 display squares. Military Museum collection of more than 340,000 pieces of cultural relics and collections. Among them, 1,793 pieces of national-level cultural relics, more than 250 pieces of large weapons and equipment, more than 1,600 pieces of artwork, and 2,551 pieces of gifts received in foreign military exchanges. Among them are significant historical value relics such as copper-gilt crossbow machine, iron anchor of the Zhen Yuan ship, Ye Ting command sword, Type 38 rifle and the first tank of the PLA.DG has fully understood the characteristics of the military exhibits through in-depth communication with the project parties. Through the perfect combination of exhibits and display cases, the highly representative military culture is presented to the fullest. The function of the museum is to improve people’s understanding of history through common collection, storage, research, interpretation and display, aiming to create a museum exhibition space for discursive dialogue between the past and the future, and to contribute to humanity.

Products we suppliedMuseum wall cabinets, museum stand-alone cabinets, museum flat cabinets, museum fire and theft resistant display cabinets, museum tempered glass display cabinets, museum hanging cabinets, museum relics storage shelves, manual flip open flat cabinets hydraulic lift museum display cabinet production

Services we supplied:Optimized design, production, transportation, on-site installation, maintenance and repair

Through preliminary communication with the third-party service provider, DG display showcase understood that the Chinese Military Museum wanted to renovate and update the museum exhibits in the museum, and especially emphasized that the safety performance of the new exhibits must be enhanced. In order to make the design more precise and at the same time better combine the theme of the Chinese Military Museum, DG display Showcase analyzed the data and historical information of the Military Museum exhibition hall according to the measurement data provided by the third party service provider. At the same time, DG display showcase optimized the space layout of the exhibition hall, exhibits arrangement, display case production materials, display case props, visiting routes and other aspects according to the professional suggestions and guidance given by the architectural company, and finally determined the whole plan of the museum display case.

The program wants to land perfectly, qualified materials and good production is the key. In response to the Chinese Military Museum’s demand to enhance the safety performance of museum display cabinets, DG display showcase believes that the safety of museum display cabinets is mainly to ensure the safety of personnel and exhibits, so we start to optimize the design of museum display cabinets from three aspects: load-bearing, anti-theft, and early warning.

First, the museum display case must have physical stability and sufficient load-bearing capacity. General museum is close to the viewing, visitors sometimes touch and hit the cabinet, if the museum display cabinet is not solid, it is likely to be the display cabinet rupture, thus causing a certain degree of injury to visitors and cabinet exhibits. The Chinese military museum has a wide variety of exhibits, and some exhibits are larger in size, so DG Display Showcase selects cold-rolled steel plate with uniform thickness, strong load-bearing and durable as the main material, all metal materials should be anti-rust and anti-oxidation to ensure its durability, and the support plates and fixed cards inside the display cabinet are also solid.

Secondly, the museum display case should have anti-theft function. In choosing glass materials, DG Display Showcase chooses 6 + 6mm domestic low-reflection ultra-white tempered laminated glass with very high safety performance, which has an ultraviolet blocking rate of more than 95% and a light transmission rate of not less than 98%; it has good adhesion, is not easy to break and has good impact resistance. Museum display cabinet accessories, such as locks, rails, door hinges, etc. are selected from internationally renowned brands, while giving each cabinet door installed at least two lock eyes. Not only good quality, durable, more in the maximum degree to protect the safety of the exhibits.

Finally, the museum display case internal also need to place the alarm and other alarm devices, for the museum exhibiting special precious cultural relics should be installed closed-circuit television monitors and fire alarm devices, to make timely response to emergencies, once the emergency, can be the first time to sound the alarm to achieve preventive effect.

DG display showcase will actively communicate with the third-party service providers and optimize the details of the display cabinets, and strictly follow the national standard production, through the experienced master craftsmen to check, each display cabinet has reached the customer’s standard. Secondly, DG display showcase also provides professional simulation installation guidance service for China Military Museum through video recording after the completion of the display cabinets, in order to help customers restore the project scheme perfectly on the basis of cost saving.

DG display showcase has been well received by the museum with its professional museum display case design, production, transportation and installation capabilities and experience. China Military Museum is a national thematic exhibition venue that comprehensively and systematically reflects the military history of New China. Since the opening of the museum, it has received more than 4 million visitors, and DG display showcase has not only provided display cabinets for the Chinese Military Museum, but also made positive contributions to the community to understand the history of our military and enhance national cohesion. design, production, transportation and installation. Here, DG display showcase is very grateful for the trust and support of China Military Museum, and we will continue to work hard to provide professional solutions and services for more museums and make a contribution to social development.