Why Becoming a Pharmacist May Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

Have you ever considered a career in the medical field, but becoming a doctor or nurse just isn’t that appealing to you? In that case, perhaps you should consider joining the sector as a pharmacist, which will allow you to help people and maintain a rewarding career in the domain of healthcare without being too involved with patients directly.

If you’re interested in this enriching profession, but you’re not entirely sure it’s right for you, your lifestyle and your preferences, then consider the points in this article, which highlight why opting to train and work as a pharmacist could be an ideal career move.

You Want to Help People

Suppose you are someone who is keen to help others, maybe even considering it your calling in life. As a pharmacist, you are a valued member of the local community who is often the first port of call for those in need of medical advice or assistance.

You are also particularly important for the more vulnerable in society, such as the elderly, who may not have the means to travel further afield for help.

YouWant Career Progression

Once you have qualified as a pharmacist,many options are open for you to progress in your career.Maybe you want to work in a fast-paced setting, such as a hospital? Or how about becoming a specialist in a particular field, such as oncology or pediatrics?

As a qualified pharmacist, you are in the ideal place to jump-start your career progression and follow a myriad of paths within the pharmacy sector – and there are numerous you can choose.

You Want to Earn a Good Salary

In the UK, the average salary for a pharmacist is £43,260. This figure rises with time, with the most experienced pharmacists averaging a salary of up to £83,000.

For a UK wage, this is a huge amount, especially when you consider how life-friendly pharmacist hours tend to be in comparison to their other medical compatriots, such as doctors and nurses.

Of course, pharmacists are needed 24 hours a day in some settings, such as hospitals, but in the community, the working hours are much more akin to those of office workers!

You Want Job Security

Putting it plainly, there will never not be a need for pharmacists. Pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare system, measuring and often issuing life-saving medications for patients. Without their expertise and care, it would become a very precarious prospect for doctors and patients alike to administer the correct dosage.

Overall, pharmacists are in high demand in the UK, and by using sites like Workflare, they can access fantastic opportunities for locum work, which oftenentails a higher rate of pay and lots of flexibility in terms of working hours.

You are Meticulous

It goes without saying that to become a pharmacist, you need to be meticulous. If you are mathematically minded with a very logic-driven brain, a pharmaceutical career could be the ideal fit for you.

After all, agood pharmacist is the difference between a patient being treated and even cured and a patient receiving the wrong dose – possibly even being killed by the drugs prescribed to save them in some cases. That’s why precision, logic and mathematical skills are crucial in this profession, and if you have these traits, you might make an excellent pharmacist.

You Want Autonomy in the Workplace

To qualify as a pharmacist means years of hard work and dedication. Not only will you need to study and pass some pretty hefty exams, but you will also need to demonstrate your competence in work-based placements while being assessed. Therefore, once you are qualified, it is great to know that your role affords you the opportunity for autonomy over your work. Studies have shown that having autonomy over your career promotes well-being and more job satisfaction. As a respected professional, you will be left to manage your workload in the most effective way for you personally whilst still performing at an optimal level.