Why afraid of using Nehru’s surname: PM Modi digs at Gandhi family

On Thursday, PM Modi again launched an attack on the Congress party. This time, the Prime Minister accused the opposition party of slowing down India’s development by routing to tokenism in the name of development and wasting sixty years of the nation.

In an attack on Gandhis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned why none of them used the name “Nehru” to honour India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. “If Nehru’s name was not mentioned in a programme for any reason, the Congress used to get agitated. However, I wonder why those from the Nehru’s generation are afraid to keep his surname? What are they ashamed of?” the Prime Minister asked in the Rajya Sabha.

The Prime Minister asked while responding to the debate around the Motion of Thanks in the Upper House. The PM added that “They say we keep troubling states, but they have toppled elected state governments 90 times. One Congress PM used Article 356 fifty times to dismiss elected state governments. That was Indira Gandhi”.

PM Modi, while digging at the Congress party, alleged that the Congress party never tried to solve the country’s problems and the country is with them and rejected the Congress party and punished them time and again.