Who is Pelle Matteo Alman?

Name: Pelle Alman
Nationality: Sweden/United States
Occupation: Civil Engineer

Pelle Alman is a multimilliondollar Civil Engineer best known in Europe for his ingenious style of design and method of construction. Over the years, Pelle redirected his love for construction to flipping houses. He buys houses and resells them. He has flipped over 300 houses in the past 10 years and he still invests most of his money into real estate particularly in Europe. Pelle has worked as an independent contractor with many big construction companies in Europe.

Pelle is also well known for his philanthropic deeds in Europe and some parts of Africa. In 2016 Pelle built 4 Schools for orphans in Nairobi, Kenya. He currently sponsors 1,000 orphans to school in Kenya and over 800 kids in Uganda and South Africa. In 2019, the number of orphans and incapacitated individuals Pelle sponsored hit about 3,000.

One of his hubbies is purchasing luxurious cars every year, naming his favorite to be the Rolls Royce Cullinan amongst other sport cars.

Surprisingly, Pelle prefers to reside in the US to Europe. He lives in California with his only son from his late wife who died in a ghastly accident in 2019.

They were married for 7 years.