Who is fashion & travel blogger Julie Hauptmann?

Julie Hauptmann is a passionate blogger with a focus on travel and lifestyle. She is also a well-respected entrepreneur, digital influencer, and an advocate for empowerment, especially in regards to women. Hailing from Orange County, California, Julie established herself as a prominent media personality, especially through her content creation on platforms such as Instagram, as well as Youtube. In addition to her spotlight on travel and lifestyle, she is also an avid fashion expert, who blogs about the latest in terms of style and trends. As a social activity, Julie is particularly devoted to women’s empowerment. She started a local support group, @socalwomengroup, with a matching account on Instagram to encourage women of all walks of life to help build each other up and live their best lives, especially in these difficult and uncertain times. 2020 has not been an easy year for most people around the world, but talented and bright people like Jules Hauptmann are here to make a difference, inspire, and promote positive change.

Falling somewhere in between classic and modern, Julie has a very personable style that’s upbeat and easy to relate to, in the spirit of a true girl-boss! You can find her rocking the best outfits even when she is exploring tropical destinations and diving deep into the adventure of a lifetime, perfectly combining her thirst for exploring the world with her natural curiosity and love for amazing fashion and style, no matter the situation. Whenever she is not busy working, traveling, or creating content, Julie loves to keep and spend time with her beloved husband and her dog, Maple.

Check out Julie Hauptmann’s amazing page on Instagram @jules_cali and keep up with her exciting lifestyle and travel-related content!

Julie’s official website and blog: julescali.com