Who is Damián Liax?

Jorge Ethan La Rosa Mayorga better known by his stage name “Damián Liax” is a Mexican DJ producer, musician and composer with origins in Cuba. Born on June 7, 2002 in Mexico City, Damian is an emerging artist known for his Music mainly in the genre of electronic Dance / electronic, Trap, Future Bass, Techno, among others, but he really likes to innovate his sound by mixing with other genres such as: Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip Hop, Salsa. and the way of expressing himself is transmitted through his music, each song is a feeling that the artist tries to convey, whether it be joy, sadness or just spending a relaxed time, he knows how to play various instruments such as the guitar, the bass, but mainly the piano. His greatest influences are based on great artists such as Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Drake, Mesto, Skrillex, David Guetta among many others.

He measures 180 cm and weighs 68 kg he loves photography and his style as his presence is characterized by the influence and mixture of Mexican and Asian culture represented in his music and in his photos (mainly on his Instagram and other social networks).

His beginnings began in 2014 when one of his friends from high school showed the artist Skrillex for the first time with his song Bangarang, that was what triggered his passion for music and after so long he found a connection with music through which began to produce starting to use Fl Studio and watching tutorials on YouTube. He has various hobbies such as playing video games, drawing, watching series, writing lyrics for songs, playing soccer, but above all spending time with his friends.

Damián Liax is a fan of languages ​​since he speaks Spanish and English, and has basic levels in Korean and Japanese. In academic matters he is studying at the university in the IPN the career of Computer Science Engineering and computer systems He is an ambassador for several clothing brands but the main ones are: Oriental Drift and Tokyo Style which are his favorites and most of his clothes are from those stores. He has a bright future and a great road ahead being a young promise for the music industry.

To know more about Damián Liax visit: https://bio.link/damianliax and don’t forget to subscribe on his YouTube