Who is Carol Collins, The Pittsburgh Medium? 

How does one get in touch with their psychic channeling abilities? Partaking in 9 months of guided meditation is certainly one way to do it. This is how Carol Collins aka the Pittsburgh medium was brought to her psychic gifts. Since becoming in touch with her abilities, Carol has been able to use them for good causes, like with helping others connect with spirit guides or just helping people make conscious decisions in their lives. 

Looking back on those 9 months of mindful meditation, Collins revealed, “About five months into meditation, my head began making small, slow movements which over time grew into big swirls up, down, left, right, all over. I began wondering if this was how my body received energy from meditation or if it was communication I was not yet able to translate. I recall saying that statement to myself for months.” 

Like most psychically gifted people, Carol picked up on her special abilities at a young age. She knew that she was somehow connected to a higher power. On one occasion she recalls saving her mothers life from a serious car wreck, “I told her “remember to say a prayer to your guardian angel.” To this day I have no memory of saying those words to her, nor were we religious like that out loud to each other,” said Collins. 

Collins considers herself a “light trance channel.” She describes her exploration in channeling as a passageway for the “nonphysical teachers” who call themselves Jeshua, whose messages are able to flow through her. Once she is able to channel the Jeshua spirits, she relays any messages or teachings to her clients who come wanting answers and often closure. 

Collins’ medium abilities allow for these spirits to write, teach and heal through her, which has come to be an amazing service she provides for her clients who are wanting to hear from those who have passed. All classes and services that Collins offers to the public are trance channeled, meaning they allow for an experience of two-way dialogue between spirit and the living. 

Channeling Jeshua can be done in several different ways, depending on the style of service clients choose. Collins offers private and group readings, which she describes as “straightforward, compassionate with pin-pointed accuracy.” Also adding that, “Structured Guidance from Jeshua gives you the why, the why not, and the how to bring clarity to your life. Your Guide, Loved Ones, as well as Jeshua guide the conversation with you.” 

The Pittsburgh Medium also provides source healing sessions – best suited for clients looking to try energy healing from addiction to relationships. This practice’s purpose is to help clients navigate through difficult chapters in their lives and be able to make clear decisions to create happy lifestyles again.

For healing sessions of longer duration, Collins offers vacations and retreats through her Pittsburgh Medium platform. The vacation with Jeshua option provides an amazing opportunity to engage with Jeshua through multi-segment lectures and workshops. The shipboard and resort series focus on how to manifest your life’s purpose with the guide of Jeshua spirits.

Collins ‘ strongest passion is to channel for others, but she also has some personal aspirations as well. “I see myself on a global stage. As an example, I see myself having a talk show on a major network where celebrities and people of influence, athletes and comedians, get to receive verbal guidance… I see myself having a brick and mortar learning center for helping people bring out their own abilities,” were just a few interesting goals Carol holds herself to. 

The Pittsburgh Medium offers her Center for Intuitive Studies program which is described as “unfoldment Into channeling” and other courses as part of the Center for Intuitive Studies. These can be virtual, in-person, or self-paced courses to invigorate your yyconnection to your guide to develop your intuitive, ocular, and channeling abilities. There is no better way to learn to communicate with Source than from Source beings themselves.

If you are not in the Pittsburgh area, and are looking to experience the channeling abilities Collins has to offer, virtual reading and workshops are available to book through her website. https://www.thepittsburghmedium.com/ 

In Collins’ own words,  “Allowing Jeshua to borrow my voice is absolutely my favorite thing to do and I look forward to channeling for you.“