Who is Blaq Pages

In a world of ever-growing digital influencers and content consumers it can be difficult to find the true naissance of cultural movements that encapsulate the raw energy of the people who champion the trends of our generation. Blaq Pages is an Accra born Los Angeles based entrepreneur, Dj, producer and a cultural ambassador for the African diaspora.

The Ghanaian whose birth name is Kwabena Anfo first caught our attention with a series of records that illustrate his creative influences. When listening to his sonic productions you can feel the power of Tony Allen and other Afro Beat legends like Fela Kuti on tracks like “Tribute to the Ancestors” which features Kiriyani Ayat, another Ghanaian artist based in Accra.

His latest single “Tempo” featuring Soko7 highlights the working relationship amongst the diaspora living abroad.

Pages and Soko7 can be found performing their latest single together at one of the many parties hosted by ever ready Dj. Before the pandemic Blaq Pages was in.

The corona virus pandemic proved to be a challenge for many businesses around the globe as the world came to a halt in order to curb the spreading disease.

The ability to navigate through tough times is the mark of great character and to his resolve Pages relocated back home to Accra to reset and recharge. While in Ghana during his 2019 trip he ltap into the cultural resources available. As an entrepreneur Pages has worked tirelessly around the globe by creating the space for others to flourish.