Who is a Candidate for a Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty, which is evaluated within rhinoplasty, is an application preferred by people who have had rhinoplasty before but could not achieve the desired results. Although no one wants a second rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty is mandatory in some cases. For various reasons, the desired results may not be obtained after the first nose surgery. In such situations, a rhinoplasty can be done again to eliminate the existing problems.

After the first rhinoplasty, some people may experience breathing problems. Since this situation negatively affects the life of the patient, rhinoplasty should be done again in order to eliminate breathing problems. So, in which cases is revision rhinoplasty needed? Who can benefit from revision rhinoplasty?

  • Experiencing various problems in breathing
  • Considering that the nose area and the face area are incompatible
  • Believing that the person cannot achieve the desired nose appearance
  • Considering that deformities are not eliminated by rhinoplasty

In these and similar cases, the person may need rhinoplasty again. However, it should be noted that revision rhinoplasty is not an aesthetic application applied to every person. First of all, it should be determined whether the person can benefit from this aesthetic, and then the procedures should be started. What does the revision rhinoplasty application, which is also applied by https://www.milanoklinik.com/en/homepage/, include? What steps are taken within the scope of the application?

What Does Revision Nose Aesthetics Application Include?

Revision rhinoplasty, which is among the most preferred applications recently, consists of various steps. The main purpose of revision rhinoplasty is to solve a problem, regardless of the size of the functional or aesthetic problem. It is done when the person who has rhinoplasty does not like the state of their nose after the application.

Even if they aesthetically like the new shape of their nose, functional disorders such as difficulty in breathing can negatively affect the person’s life. With the application, the basic skeleton of the nose is changed once again. It is very important that the application is done meticulously, as it involves the second or third intervention to the nose.

In the scope of the application, the cartilages in the nose are often used. Cartilage is often replaced so that the nose can be reshaped. It is very important to protect the respiratory function of the nose during these procedures. For this reason, a very meticulous work is exhibited during the application.

The procedure is mostly done under anesthesia. Thus, the person does not feel any pain during the procedure. In revision rhinoplasty, open or closed method is used. The method is decided after a one-on-one interview and examination with the person before the procedure. Both methods have their own advantages. So who is suitable for revision rhinoplasty?

For Who is Revision Nose Aesthetics Suitable?

Revision rhinoplasty, known as re-intervention of the nose, is not a recommended practice for everyone. First of all, the doctor must perform the necessary examinations. After the examinations, it is decided whether a surgical intervention is needed for the nose again.

People who have had rhinoplasty before can benefit from revision rhinoplasty.

It is known that revision rhinoplasty is a necessary application for people who are exposed to a faulty application with the first rhinoplasty. In addition, people who are not satisfied with the aesthetic or health procedure after the first rhinoplasty can also apply for revision rhinoplasty.

On the other hand, people who think that the nose structure achieved after rhinoplasty is not suitable for their face shape can also benefit from this application. The physician determines whether the person is suitable for revision rhinoplasty by performing the necessary examinations. If necessary, a surgical intervention is done in the nose area again and the existing problems are eliminated.

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