WHO classified New Covid Variant as “Variant Of Concern” and named it Omicron

Many countries have imposed travel restrictions on south African nations in the wake of multiple cases of the new variant of Covid B.1.1.529.

World Health Organization scientist has warned that a new coronavirus variant discovered in southern Africa is a “variant of concern,” (VOC)”, and given it the name Omicron.

There is a fear that a new, fast-spreading coronavirus variant could possibly be more dangerous than even the Delta variant. So as a precaution several countries have imposed travel restrictions from affected regions.

According to WHO, about 100 genome sequences of the variant have been reported so far. Many of the infected people were fully vaccinated, with at least one person in Israel having also received a third, booster, a dose of vaccine.

Researchers said that vaccines will most likely protect against omicron, but further studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of all existing vaccines.