When will the Global Lifting Awareness Day be held in 2023? Why Is Awareness For Using Material Hoist critical?

The 4th Global Lifting Awareness Day – #GLAD2023 – will be held on Thursday, 13 July. It is organized by the Lifting Engineers Association (LEEA) and its support organizations. This day is primarily for manufacturers, suppliers, and end users to share resources to help spread knowledge on lifting equipment like material hoist hire, cranes, and handling. 

You can mark social media posts, videos, articles, and personal events with the #GLAD2023 hashtag. All industry stakeholders are encouraged to share content so that LEEA can add content to the website that has hosted information on apprenticeships, recruitment, diversity, sustainability, and skills over the past several years. We will review the message that #GLAD2023 will share this year. 

What is the Message of this Year’s Global Lifting Awareness Day?

The first Global Lifting Awareness Day took place in 2020 and has been gaining momentum. As part of its security mandate, #GLAD2023 emphasizes ensuring that end users make well-informed purchasing decisions and fully understand their legal obligations. It also aims to raise industry awareness with stakeholders and legislators who, according to LEEA, may otherwise need to remember the importance of lifting and working at heights.

Where did the idea of Global Lifting Awareness Day start?

The idea of celebrating the GLAD arose from a conversation at a trade show about the challenges facing the global lifting industry. Now it is a day to widely celebrate end users sharing content that promotes safe and quality lifting. Organizing support events includes many different trade associations, magazines, and more. There are indeed many cognition concepts of different types and durations. 

However, the GLAD stands out because it represents a vast field where lifting is ubiquitous yet significantly underrated. For example, you can take the products associated with lifting, such as material hoist hire, cranes, force gauges, rigging, and material handling. This article will examine the usage and importance of material hoist hire. 

What is a Material hoist?

Among all the lifting equipment, every industry needs to own a material hoist hire. It is one of the most crucial pieces of equipments to own, but using it is simple. There are many industries where this equipment gets used. The list is endless: construction, cars, demolition, energy, manufacturing, gas, and safety at heights. That’s why Global Lifting Awareness Day has always put particular importance on it. 

A material hoist hire is a device used to raise or lower a load of construction materials. It has a drum or lifting wheel around which a rope or chain gets wound. You can operate it manually, electrically, or pneumatically and use chain, fibre, or wire rope as a lifting aid.

Various construction companies in Australia now like to hire a material hoist from The Conveying and Hoisting Solutions, an immensely reputed and established company. You can significantly reduce the investment cost if you hire a material hoist instead of buying one. Additionally, you can rely totally on a material hoist hire from Conveying and Hoisting Solutions, as they are state-of-the-art equipment that performs the best in the market. 

Why Does GLAD Put More Importance On The Material Hoist?

Materials are just some essential parts of a construction project that need to get lifted. Lifting and moving heavy materials from one point to another throughout the work area requires using special equipment – a material hoist hire. 

It is undoubtedly an indispensable piece of equipment in the construction industry, which is why GLAD prioritized it the most. There are different types of hoists catering to several industry needs. Let’s take a look at them. 


This material hoist hire is for lifting heavy materials or objects with chains or ropes. Therefore, it has a powerful engine that moves the entire device up and down. The function of this chain hoist or electric hoist is to use a drum to lift and lower materials. You need to attach the material to the lift using a hook-like structure. These lifts can both be portable and not portable. This hoist uses various lifting mechanisms such as axles, gear wheels, pinions, shafts, and sprockets to ensure that these lifts always operate without damage.


Manual Hoists are also known as lever lifters or wire loop pullers. You must operate this machine using your hands to lift heavy loads and weights. Manual Hoists use hand chains to get driven to the desired location. 


As the name suggests, the construction industry uses these construction hoists where labor is useless. These hoists can lift a variety of heavy weights and loads. Construction hoists have several features to make the construction project quicker and simpler. It mainly simplifies the entire transportation process of materials from low to high and the other way around. 


You can see these types of hoists in docks and shipping yards. They are mainly for lifting goods or materials into the air and transporting them from one place to another. 


These lifts are commonly get used in the mining industry. The primary purpose of this equipment is to transport the miners to the mining caves—other necessities like drinking water and supplies for the people working there. You can also use it to lift mining products to the ground. 


A magnetic lifter is a device that can lift massive steel materials without using the power of a motor. Its primary use is to lift ferrous materials. This equipment is best suited for moving materials on flat surfaces.

Are Cranes and Hoists The Same? What’s the Difference?

Cranes and material hoist hire are different equipment. Cranes are complex devices used to move loads in multiple directions. They can carry objects both horizontally and vertically. On the other hand, a hoist is a component used for this purpose. However, it can only lift and lower objects in the vertical plane. Hoists and cranes are both commonly used in the construction industry.

Final Words

To conclude, all your queries regarding the #GLAD2023 have answers now. The organization always has put more significance on the material hoist hire as most construction projects cannot get done without it, and many safety preventions are here.