What’s cooking inside BCCI and IOA?

You can befriend at any time of your life, no matter how indifferent you have been to each other forever. Yes, this is what is happening in the world of sports. And none other than the founder of Power Sportz, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh is set to disclose the great grand FRIENDSHIP of two apex bodies who have always been indifferent to each other. 

Yeah, it is about the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that always looked down upon the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) with hardly any respect is now seeking unity to prevent its downfall. IOA on the other hand is more than happy at the prospect of enjoying the privileges of some of those power centers of BCCI as it has forever been struggling for its existence.

BCCI allegedly managed to push the COA out successfully, it is now back to its old mischief. Now, the BCCI and the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), the two who have always been divided as they stood, suddenly seem to befriend each other. As the two have united, and the collaboration is to prevent their downfall. Because BCCI does not want to adhere to the new constitution introduced by the Lodha committee, and the IOA is not willing to accept the new sports code. Therefore, the two collaborated to get their pound of flesh. 

Well, to know more about what is exactly cooking inside, don’t miss to watch Talking Turkey with Kanthi!! She is all set to dig it deep…… Let’s see how deep it goes this time!!