What You Need to Do if You Are Ever Accused of a Sex Crime 

Your life and reputation can be totally derailed by being falsely accused of a sex crime. The sad truth is that many spouses use this tactic to increase their chances of getting full custody of minor children during divorce proceedings. It also occurs routinely in sexual harassment cases where a claim is deceitfully made to settle a score, such as a relationship that was ended.

If you find yourself in this situation, the tendency is to panic and overreact. Yet, responding can harm, rather than help, your case. Get in touch with an experienced attorney as soon as you can. They will work out an effective strategy to counter the accusations and advise you on how to conduct yourself impeccably.

How Not to Behave 

While you will undoubtedly be thrown off course by the accusation of committing a sex crime, you should not give in to the natural tendency to take to social media and start to defend yourself. This will only make you look suspicious. Stay calm and conduct yourself with decorum. Be above reproach.

If you were accused of sexually abusing your child in a divorce hearing, you should go to every length to make sure that you present yourself as a model parent. Neglect and irrational outbursts will reflect poorly on you. It may cause the judge to see you as an unfit parent and lend more credence to the accusations of sexual misconduct. 

Above all, do not let law enforcement officers coerce a false confession from you. Only speak to them in the presence of your attorney. However much you are tempted to speak to try and clear your name, resist this and let your attorney guide you. Remind yourself that many cases do not result in a conviction.

Getting Acquitted 

On the topic of how to protect yourself from falsely being accused of a sex crime, the first thing is to take it seriously as it can affect the rest of your life. You could be convicted and receive a long prison sentence and would be required to register yourself as a sex offender. Your reputation would be damaged irreparably. 

The second step is to immediately contact a reputable attorney. After getting all the information from you, your attorney will examine the motives of your accuser and develop a strategy to challenge the accusation. It is vital to weaken their credibility to undermine the case. Once under oath, the complainant will be questioned, and any inconsistencies highlighted. 

Your accuser may have a history of filing false complaints. There may be some evidence of a mental disorder that can be brought to the court’s attention. What is important is to establish the motive behind the accusation and your attorney will consider what the person hopes to gain by pursuing this course of action. For example, a spouse may be trying to sway the judge’s decision in a custody battle. 

An experienced attorney is the key to a successful defense.