What To Incorporate in an Office Background

If you are using video conferencing software to visit with family and friends, your background may not matter much. However, if you use it for professional meetings or conferences, having the right background can impact your success. These are things you can incorporate into your office background.

Minimalist Plain Zoom

Your first step to creating an office background is to declutter. Remove anything that creates a busy-looking area. Your minimalist plain zoom background shouldn’t have extra furniture, cords, desk accessories, etc.

Move as much out of your camera view as possible. If you do have bookshelves behind you, make sure that everything is put away and they look tidy. If you don’t need it for your presentation, remove it. In fact, a background in one solid color with one focal point, such as a piece of artwork, is often best. In addition, avoid placing your camera where you can see the doorway in the frame.

Incorporate a Logo

When you have cleared out all the furniture and other accessories, you should have a rather blank canvas, especially if you removed those bookshelves. Hopefully, you are starting with a blank wall. Now, incorporate your company logo.

You can size it based on the frame and color of the logo versus the wall. Make sure your logo doesn’t overpower the screen, but make it visible.

Add a Plant

Plants not only pull toxins out of the air, but they give your area a natural, lively look. They also help you feel happy. In the background, they add interest and height. Choose something attractive and interesting, but don’t let it overwhelm the background. If you have trouble keeping plants alive, choose a lifelike artificial plant.

Custom Office Backgrounds

If you cannot clear out your background, you can adopt a custom office background. You can choose from a number of background options and even insert your logo. You also gain more privacy because others on your video call cannot see your home or desk.

Because they are customized, you can also use them to build brand recognition. Those you are meeting with will see that you care about keeping your “meeting room” tidy and ensuring that it reflects your company, encouraging them to trust your brand. In addition, you can choose from many low-cost or free options, so you can create unique backgrounds for your calls.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

Your lighting is important because it can make you and your background look great or not so great. For example, you may choose a ring light, which is a popular choice for many YouTubers, but if you are at a desk, choose a high-color rendering index light. These lights show true color, so you and your background won’t be washed out or off-color during your meetings.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a lighting system. Use natural light if you have it, but if you don’t you can find affordable options with great results online.

You can also choose free zoom backgrounds office for important business meetings where you need your attendees to pay close attention. The key is to create a natural-looking background that isn’t cluttered with unnecessary distractions but shows a little personality.