What to Do in Faro On a Weekend With a Friend

When coming to Faro, you’ll see a lot of exciting and iconic spots in the country, and after visiting the beaches, you will find yourself on the world’s edge! So, let’s get acquainted with the culture and history of Faro. Hire a car with your friend using Faro airport car hire service, book a car Faro online on the website, and start your trip.

Old Town of Faro

The old town is the city’s historical center and is reminiscent of the southern Mediterranean. It attracts attention with its historical architecture combined with religious influences in every part of the community. As the main attraction, the Church of the Carmelites is a must-see. It is a pleasant place to spend time, sit in a nearby cafe, and admire the Old town.

You want to come here, again and again, to smell the oranges in bloom and the ocean, listen to the bells ringing, see storks nesting right on the towers of the old gate and the roofs of the buildings. It’s nice to smile and say hello to passing townspeople as you stroll through the narrow streets.

The oval fortress wall around the Old Town was built in the X-XI centuries. It had three entrance gates. The wall survived several reconstructions, but only some parts have survived.

Castelo de Faro has existed since the XIII century. It was later altered somewhat, served as a barracks in the XVIII century, then was given to the state brewery.

The Arch of the City with the Bell Tower (Arco da Vila) is the central gate in the Romanesque wall of the Old town. Inside, the 11th-century Arab side gate is preserved. Above the portal is a statue of St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of FaroArco da Vila, 1812, which was made in the neoclassical style.

Beyond the walls of the Old town is Largo da Sé with Sé Catedral de Faro, one of Faro’s landmarks, built in the 13th century and was radically reconstructed in the 18th. Its construction is a combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles. The bell tower, the major entrance, and the two inner chapels are in Gothic style. The right chapel is created with a unique Baroque tabularise.

Opposite the cathedral is the 18th-century seminary, and on the right is the 16th-century episcopal palace of Faro (Paço Episcopal). It is the seat of the Algarve Episcopate. There are priceless folios, theological manuscripts, and paintings.

The Church of Saint Francis (Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco) is a 17th-century Franciscan church. On the outside, it looks ordinary, but inside it makes an impression. The beauty of the blue-and-white mosaics enchants the sumptuous interior; the centerpiece is a gilded relief altar.

The Church of Our Lady of Carmel (Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo) is an 18th and 19th-century Baroque church of the Carmelites with a three-tiered grid facade. It is the largest memorial of religious architecture in the Algarve. 

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Underneath the church is one of the icons of Faro, Capela dos Ossos. This grim one was rebuilt from a 17th-century Baroque church. From the inside, its walls seem to be made of bones: the “design” of the three-aisled temple consists of 1,250 skulls of former monks. The bones are whitewashed with lime and embedded in the walls.

Francisco Gomez Street

Take a walk through this street. It is one of the most terrific in Faro. Its classic Portuguese style is impossible not to like. It is paved with smooth stone or beautiful tiles and protected from the sun by a canopy of white fabric. It is here that many stores, cafes, souvenir stores, and restaurants can be found. If you are a beach lover and have come to Portugal to experience maximum flavor and enjoyment, go to the beaches.

Praia Da Rocha Beach

Large, wide, well maintained. Lots of Cafes along the line, entertainment, peddlers of food, handkerchiefs, etc., and lots of seagulls. Both day and evening and night. There are always many people, but there’s room for everyone—the perfect place to be at the world’s edge. The views are stunning, and there is also souvenir availability. The large parking lot is handy if you are coming by car. There are mountains at the end of this beach. On the plus side is the availability of infrastructure. Parking is only paid from June to September inclusive. It is important to know when you use Faro airport car hire service to book a car. A long beautiful beach, everything is thought out for tourists. There are sunbeds and showers.

Praia da Marinha

This beach is one of the best in Europe. The views from the beach and the approach are stunning! Azure waters of the ocean and sticking out of the water’s picturesque rocks of different shapes – this is the calling card of Marinha beach. There’s a descent and an ascent to the water. Everything you need on the beach is there. This place is a must-visit! Definitely in the top-100 in the world. There is also an observation deck: with turquoise water and stunning views from above. Down to the beach on the steps. But it’s worth it. The ocean is impressive, changing color from turquoise to greenish to deep blue.