What suits you better: Manned Guarding or Remote Video Guarding?

Being aware of the responsibilities and threats of security guards’ jobs provides a fundament when considering the appropriate kind of security that is right for you. Security guard patrol is an agency that covers all types of security services therefore, their security experts are just the right source of information regarding manned guarding and remote video guarding. They have provided this comprehensive article relieving actual differences and similarities of both and characteristics that will help you decide which one better suits your propositions.

On the other hand, business owners usually find it difficult to decide which type of security better suits their needs. The descriptions of services that provide manned guarding and remote video guarding will give business owners a closer look at how each of them can help secure a business. Therefore, this post will help them decide which one of these two security services is more comprehensive and better suited to their requirements, as suggested by a Motion Sensor Cameras Sydney based company.

Manned Guarding 

The responsibilities of manned guarding security officers are mainly based on physical protection which makes this type of security appropriate for businesses with primary threats of bodily harm. Manned guarding is adequate for physically securing individuals or businesses and their properties. Manned security guards provide physical protection, patrolling and providing reports about the occurrences during their shift. Businesses and individuals at physical risk usually require the physical protection of security guards, as their presence in real-time provides the ability to quickly respond and react to threats. 

Additionally, security guards are an adequate solution for enforcing rules in business buildings or parking lots.

Advantages of manned guarding

  • Security guards on-site are a powerful visual deterrence that successfully discourages potential offenders
  • They can quickly respond to threats and call for law enforcement
  • Security officers can overcome and restrain offenders to prevent incidents or until law enforcement arrives and arrest
  • Manned guards can quickly react to emergencies, and alarm and issue fire, gas leaks, floods
  • Security guards are trained to proceed with safety protocols in various emergency situations
  • Can escort employees, clients, and visitors to their vehicles
  • Monitor suspicious behavior and perform security checks in the prevention
  • Providing on-site services such as checking doors and opening gates
  • Patrol property
  • Enforcing formal behavior and following rules and regulations

Disadvantages of manned guarding

  • Cost
  • Large properties and individuals with high risk usually require more than one security guard to manage and respond to threats. This means that it will be required to hire several security guards which raises the costs.
  • Security guard’s work sometimes requires certain measures that, if wrongly applied, can negatively affect companies reputation, cause a lawsuit and insurance claims
  • Many personal and job circumstances can affect security guard performance such as HR issues, shift schedule, loyalty, low salary, and job satisfaction
  • Poor training, insufficient skills, and education can affect the quality of communication and performance
  • Tiredness and distractions lead to the inability to notice and react to suspicious occurrences

Remote Video Guarding

Remote video guarding considers a technology instead of human guards. This system implies the utilization of CCTV cameras strategically placed in points to cover all risky spots in a property. CCTV cameras provide surveillance 24 hours seven days a week. However, the CCTV system also requires a human factor. Camera surveillance as a security option is only useful if there is a monitoring person to keep an eye on monitors and react to suspicious occurrences by triggering alarms or calling security or law enforcement.

Advantages of remote video guarding

  • Cameras provide reliable surveillance continuously and constantly
  • Motion sensors can automatically enlight the place of detected motion and trigger the alarms
  • Cameras provide a record of the crime and law-breaker
  • Clearly signalizing that there are cameras on-site greatly discourage potential criminals
  • One monitoring center provides surveillance of multiple places
  • Once installed maintenance costs of video surveillance are significantly lower than the costs of security guards

Disadvantages of remote video guarding

  • Initial costs of technology and equipment and installing
  • As monitoring records and reacts to every motion, there might be numerous false alarms due to animal crossing and gate swinging. On the matter of the cause, the human operator is required to neutralize false alarms. 
  • Frequent false alarms cause a distraction for human operators of real emergencies and genuine alarms 
  • Lack of physical presence
  • Inability to provide various on-site tasks
  • Inability to enforce regulations and parking rules

Final Thoughts

The provided information is a good starting point when opting for manned guarding or remote video guarding. However, as both security types have their pros and cons, for obtaining amazing security results the best practice is combining manned guards with high technology. On the other hand, if you want to choose one solution, our article can help you understand the services they both provide and determine which one better suits you. Our expert team can provide you with an evaluation of your business requirement to recommend measures that will satisfy your security demands.