What Qualities of an Au Pair Should Host Families Look For?

Host families are looking for au pair to love and care for their children like they would. Au pairs must be comfortable caring for multiple children as it differs from caring for just one or two. Au pairs usually work for one year and live as part of the family. The arrangement is regulated by government regulations that specify an age limit and may explicitly exclude male au pairs.


You can look for many signs during the interview process because everyone wants to know how to get an au pair they can depend on. For your online interviews, are they on time? Do they respond when you reach out to potential nannies or au pairs? There are only a few hints that you can rely on them to start working promptly.

A Kid-at-Heart

Host families often have questions and concerns about their au pair experience. After all, they may have heard of other host families unhappy with their au pairs. An au pair is an international student or young worker who lives with a host family as part of a cultural exchange program. The au pair’s responsibilities typically include providing childcare and light housework for the host family in exchange for a monetary allowance or stipend. The au pair usually has her room, and the family allows her time for study and personal interests. She eats with the family and participates in family activities, but can also spend some time alone in her room. Traditional au pair agencies serve as intermediaries between aspiring au pairs and host families, charging a fee for their services.

A Positive Attitude

Most au pairs have a lot of hopes and dreams for their experience abroad. They want to feel like a family member and be treated with respect. A positive attitude will directly impact how they approach their daily duties. A happy au pair will likely be more efficient and a joy to have around the kids. Be clear about your expectations and schedule with your au pair when she arrives. It will avoid any misunderstandings down the road. If she has any questions, schedule a time to talk with her without the kids. It’s also important to discuss privacy and how she can use the household appliances. Then, schedule weekly meetings throughout the year to stay in touch. Also, remind her how much you appreciate her.

Good Communication Skills

Au pairs are usually young, learning a foreign language and coming from a different culture, which can sometimes make communication difficult. Au pairs must clearly express themselves and communicate their needs, expectations and feelings. It’s also important for host families to be able to convey their expectations to the au pair clearly and understandably. It can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future. For example, if the family requires that their au pair drive them around, it is important to explain whether this will be possible, how far they are willing to go and what traffic rules apply in the country where the au pair will live. The same applies for other responsibilities. A successful au pair stay is based on effective communication with your host family. If you do not communicate well in the language of your host country, it can lead to misunderstandings and early termination of your agreement. During your video interview with the host family, you can ask them about their expectations regarding childcare and housework and what kind of help they require from you. You can also ask them what they expect from you if their child has special needs or difficulties. Doing so can prevent unpleasant surprises for both parties and avoid misunderstandings from the start of your au pair stay.

A Sense of Responsibility

When hiring an au pair, the host family must be responsible. They need to know that the au pair is a family member and, as such, is expected to do her share of household chores. They must ensure the au pair knows the number of hours she is permitted to work. They also need to make sure that they are providing an adequate amount of pocket money. A good au pair will have excellent time management skills. It will allow them to manage the many activities of caring for kids. For example, they will schedule the kids’ extracurricular activities, school drop-offs and pick-ups, meal preparations, and laundry.

A Love for Kids

Au pairs are young people from abroad who live with a host family, provide childcare and help with housework in exchange for room and board, a weekly allowance and other benefits. The arrangement originated in Europe after World War II, when the availability of domestic servants declined, and social change made more middle-class families interested in learning about other cultures and languages. While the needs of the children are paramount, au pairs are also expected to engage in cultural activities and contribute to their language study. Some countries require that au pairs complete a minimum of academic coursework in addition to childcare and housework duties.