What is the moving process for big stars and celebrities?

You know celebrities also relocate but it is not the same for all. Do you know celebrities don’t even move during day time to save themselves from paparazzi and fans? They choose to move during the night. Also, celebrities possess expensive items which require hiring professionals to relocate their homes. That is why they hire a national moving company to complete their relocation process. Here is a glimpse of Celebrities’ moving day:

Contacting Professional movers

Celebrities are unlikely to shift to their new home on their own. They take services from moving companies who have professional experts taking care of all the tasks during the moving process. Moving companies have a team of experts who are capable of packing the stuff of the celebrities in a specialized manner for instance art pieces that require special care during transmission. The expensive and delicate items are packed in secured boxes to avoid any breakage by them. Special training is given to the experts to assemble the stuff at the destination without even being seen by neighbors. 

Using Decoy trucks

Privacy is the supreme concern for celebrities when scheduling their move. They hire professionals who can deploy decoy trucks on their move to avoid the paparazzi crowd. Media people and photographers are constantly watching to gather any sort of information about them. Crowds and paparazzi can pay lots of money just to have a glimpse of celebrities’ belongings. Moving companies have professional movers who are experts in taking off the attention of the crowd from the move. So, the privacy of the items is preserved. 

Odd hour movements

Celebrities generally prefer to move during midnight or early morning hours to avoid the paparazzi. They don’t want their stuff to surface online to be watched by millions of people. At odd hours most people are sleeping so moving at that time will be significantly easy to preserve their belongings. Moving companies can also fake the moving date to avoid the paparazzi crowd. 

Special packing

As you know all celebrities and A-listers possess expensive items which require utmost careful handling to avoid any collapse or breakage of items. Moving companies hire professionals who are experts in packing the stuff of celebrities. Special Boxes, bubble wraps, and all the other materials required for packing are provided by these companies.

They make use of sturdy and hazy boxes to pack all the lavish items so that no one can sneak into them. Moving companies take care of both packing and unpacking the stuff of the celebrities. Many celebrities want their new home to resemble their old home so they want their kinds of stuff to be organized similarly. Professional movers often take pictures of their bedroom, living room, wardrobes, etc so that they can organize the things just like before.

Finishing it up

Celebrities have little or no time to arrange their home so they hire professionals who assemble all the things just like before. They want the entire interior to be set up as early as possible so that they can start their normal living routine without much disruption. With the right movers, the moving process has been made quite flexible and easy.

Moving day challenges 

Apart from privacy from a constant stream of paparazzi, curious neighborhoods, and celebrity stalkers, they face many other challenges too. To overcome challenges, they choose to have nondisclosure agreements with the movers. 

Nondisclosure agreements 

As celebrities are on the offensive with their livelihood, nondisclosure agreements have become mandatory. It is a contract in which professionals promise that they won’t videotape, photograph, or gossip about anything they see or hear during this transition process when working or meeting with celebrities. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

Most of us want to have glamorous life just like big celebrities and superstars have but do you know their lives are in a constant stream and they face a lot of challenges? People’s invasion of celebrities’ lives makes it tough for them to guard their personal information. Moving is the time when their privacy and security are at risk. Therefore, they need to believe only in the right movers to get their job done.