What is Social Security Disability Reconsideration?

Do you know that more than 1 billion people live with some form of disability? Indeed, the number of disabled people is increasing dramatically. Currently, in the U.S, millions of people have disabilities that have deprived them of working and earning a living. 

Statistics from WHO indicate that this is happening due to demographic trends and rising cases of chronic diseases, amongst other causes. Besides, people living with a disability tend to experience stigma and discrimination. This is especially the case when they try to access healthcare services. 

That’s why there’s a great need to enhance disability inclusion at different health system levels. Considering such an inclusion in the primary healthcare system is even more critical.

Similar to healthcare, the government also needs to provide monetary support for individuals with disabilities. This is the purpose of the Social Security Disability Insurance program run by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

But in reality, it is not uncommon for people to go through instances where the administration rejects their social security disability applications. Indeed, you may feel so frustrated when you’re denied such an essential request.

Please note that if your application has been turned down by the Social Security Administration, you can still request a reconsideration. With some guidance from an SSD lawyer, you can build a solid case to win your SSDI benefits through reconsideration. 

The SSA has placed two disability programs in place: 

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Let’s find out more about what social security disability reconsideration is.

Social Security Disability Reconsideration: Knowing the Process

Social security disability programs are in place to financially help those with an impairment. There are elaborate restrictions in place for the SSA to approve that you have a disability that impairs your ability to make a living. 

Based on an SSA report, an average of 53% of applications sent between 2001 and 2010 were turned down. Please note that if you’ve ever tried applying for disability benefits and perhaps your claim was rejected, the case is not yet done. You have the right to be reconsidered. 

So, understand what to do in such instances to go ahead and appeal your case. The reconsideration process for disability claims is as below.

  1. SSA reviews your file for timeliness. They check to confirm whether you filed within the 60-day period post your denial.
  2. If timely, SSA sends your file to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) for a medical review by entirely new people.
  3. DDS requests for your updated medical records.
  4. The DDS may ask for another medical examination by a consultative examiner.
  5. DDS may have a medical consultant review your file.
  6. DDS either accepts or denies your request for reconsideration.

Filing a Reconsideration Request With the SSA 

This procedure involves a detailed review of your entire case and application. Usually, you’re given an allowance of 60 days from when you get the denial of your SSDI or SSI application, to file for a reconsideration. Filing a request marks the start of the reconsideration process for your disability appeal.

You are likely to get the necessary disability resources if you have an injury or illness that resulted in an impairment. This means that you are in a disabled situation and cannot work for life or an extended period. 

When preparing for the reconsideration collect adequate evidence to support your claims. Experienced lawyers for disability claims can help you with the legal procedures and rules to follow.

Kickstarting Reconsideration With Social Security Disability Lawyers

The legalities involved in reconsideration can be complex and time-consuming. You might often find yourself in the dark without the right guidance.

So, the best way to safeguard your disability rights and get the benefits you deserve is to involve experienced disability attorneys. Many people seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) reconsideration go for the help of experienced SSD lawyers. Such professionals will go the extra mile to make the process easier with better chances of winning. 

Their knowledge, skills, and experience can get you the justice you deserve. This helps you relax and worry less about what to expect. Having an expert social security disability lawyer in the mix is extremely helpful.

The disability attorney will help you file claims for social security disability, including long-term disability. You may also have long-term disability insurance via your employer, or you probably purchased private insurance. 

A social security disability lawyer can help you file claims for both long-term disabilities and SSDI benefits.  

In short, the attorney can fight for you by all means possible. They can ensure you attain the disability benefits you need by pleading your case extensively. So, whether you qualify for the SSDI or SSI, the social security disability attorney knows best how to navigate the system.

Wrapping Up

It can be a nightmare dealing with social security. If you have already gone through the process once without much success, you should be familiar with the frustrations best. 

If you’ve tried applying for disability benefits and your claim was denied, you have all the rights to appeal your case. You may start by applying for a reconsideration of your denied claim. 

When a claim for the disability benefit is rejected, the first step toward fighting for the decision is to file a reconsideration request. This is where your disability claim application goes through a thorough review.

It helps to have an expert social security disability lawyer by your side during this time. They stand on your behalf and defend the case. With such intervention, you can easily have your claim reconsidered and your application approved.

Take note that if you start the application process for SSD benefits again, your claim may not go through again. The SSA may deny the request no matter the number of times you try reapplying.

So, do not do the mistake of filing a new social security disability application. It’s recommended that you go on and request for reconsideration of the claim using the existing file.