What Happens In Foot Reflexology Singapore Sessions

General reflexology and foot reflexology Singapore sessions are a holistic treatment that utilizes pressure as well as massage techniques on certain reflex points, located on the foot, hands as well as face. Each reflex point links to a different region or part of the body, so with reflexology, we can support the body to discover its very own natural state of equilibrium.

Our body is connected in numerous methods and made to send information to the various systems. Reflexology makes use of the innate knowledge of the body by creating a setting for the body to heal and also repair.

What to expect from foot reflexology

I usually tell customers to imagine that each response place is a light button that I am accessing. As I use force on this location, your body will send a notification to the equivalent location of the body in order to ‘turn it on’. So although I might be applying pressure to your huge toe, as an example, I am actually supporting all the functions of your head and also neck, by means of the response point.

First time customers are constantly surprised with how their presenting health and wellness problems are replicated in the reflex places. A certain discrepancy in the body might appear in the reflex place as sensitive, rigid or sore. For instance, if you were to present with discomfort in your lower back, you will usually experience pain in those certain spine reflex places on the feet.

The index finger technique

The index finger enters use when the target is the upper part or the dorsum of the foot. The fingers of each of the hands are on the top of the foot while the thumbs hinge on the single and also supply support for a far better grip. With alternating index fingers, a reflex area is energized by using the pulp of the fingers. Here too, if the joint of the index fingers obtain over-bent, then you end up digging the skin with your nail causing pain.

The backward and forward movement

When discharging tension is the goal of the reflexology foot massage after that the to and fro motion is a total important. The foot needs to be held securely between both hands with the fingers in addition to the foot and the thumbs on the sole. Then with gentle force push the foot ahead with 1 hand and backward with the various other periodically. This apparently swinging motion of the foot launches all stress and also offers a sense of rest.

Benefits of foot reflexology

A few of the benefits you may experience include:

  • Decreased stress in muscular tissues & joints
  • Boosted rest
  • Increase in immune operation
  • Raised detoxification
  • Rebalancing of hormones & endocrine system