What electric longboard do you recommend for cheap but still good quality (and beginner)?

Whenever an innovative and fascinating item hits the market, the cost tag attached to the packaging is generally too exorbitant for ordinary people to consider. However, as time passes and innovation becomes more readily available, ambitious companies will always figure a way to bridge the gap in the smaller price sectors with their products. Moreover, motorized skateboard with remote is around a long time, and manufacturers with a low price point have responded.

Electric skateboards are mostly the rage these days since they’re great for traveling and a lot more fun, including both young and old. Moreover, the greatest electric longboards aren’t cheap if you’re just getting started with electric skateboarding. Electric skateboards have such notoriety for becoming excessively expensive, but as the industry becomes more dynamic, good low-cost electric skateboards become accessible.

This article will go through the top affordable motorized skateboard with remotes that have good capabilities and functions. Continue reading to see our most popular options, as well as an in-depth overview of buying factors to figure out the best decision.

Blitzart Huracane:

The Blitzart Huracane, a longboard, is the top recommendation for a low-cost powered longboard. It has excellent speed and power, as well as sturdy decking and two-speed options. The version is indeed a budget-friendly electric longboard, coming in at about $300.

This longboard’s mobility and power are ideal for youngsters and novices. You receive 6-8 miles of mileage and 16 mph due to the 350-watt motor shaft and 36-volt battery. The batteries require 2-2.5 hours to charge. The skateboard is controlled by a wireless controller that allows you to move among beginner and advanced modes. The remote, such as the chip, maybe recharged.

Electric Longboard Hiboy S11:

The Hiboy Electric longboard is an item that is comparable to the previous item in our list. Still, it uniquely utilizes its essential components that it’s difficult not to commend the designers on how effectively they spent the money they were given. This device is still reasonably priced, but it has enhancements in nearly every significant category.

To begin with, The Hiboy is attractive; the board is a clean and sleek black style with the HiBoy emblem. The framework is a lightweight and durable frame that weighs roughly 8 pounds. Additionally, the box contains a nicely-made remote control as well as a few handy assembling tools.

In terms of efficiency, the Hiboy performs a good job. Even though some basic enhancements may be made, the unit is highly stable and speeds at a forgiving rate. S-11 adds some excellent adjustments to the table, even if they aren’t radical. Furthermore, there are four-speed levels to select from, giving motorcyclists additional options. Moreover, there’s renewable cycling, which extends the life of the battery.

Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser:

It doesn’t require much to know that the Voyager Neutrino Compact is enthusiastic about skating. It has a sleek, powerful, and on-point design. When you combine a thin battery and power, you get a device with one of the most excellent aesthetics on the list. The fit and finish are also rather good. Although the carbon frame may make some folks crave hardwood, it achieves a perfect combination of lightweight and sturdiness, and the shock-absorbing tires can withstand even the roughest territory.

Among the advantages of this molding, the structure is the IP55 designation, which guarantees that the longboard will withstand mild rain and splashing. In terms of results, we’re pleased to report that, given its budget and market positioning, the skateboard seems relatively quick and efficient. Whenever it pertains to additional features, the unit’s control is incredibly well-built and enjoyable to use.

Backfire G2 Black – Higher End Option

Backfire has traditionally backed up the hunt for inexpensive electric skates whenever it relates to beginner-level forums. Instead of making the cheap board on the industry, the firm has always emphasized quality and upholding high standards in its products. However, with the launching of the G2 Black, the business defied convention by delving into the low-cost board market. Backfire produces some of the greatest inexpensive electric longboards in the industry as the need for affordable skateboards keeps climbing. Whenever it pertains to quality and design, acceleration, and full riding enjoyment, the G2 Black shines best.

Its showy design, which incorporates an all-black visual board that is sex and age-neutral, reveals this. Several decals have been included to provide you with a unique look on a board that is lightweight than others in the industry.

Meepo Mini 2- Best Overall:

It doesn’t get any finer than the Meepo boards whenever it relates to great entry-level electric longboards. Their tremendous growth in the industry is as enthralling as the narrative of how they began to be. The Meepo Mini is perhaps the greatest longboard for minors on the market, demonstrating that not all low-cost boards are created equal. This board will lure you with its attractive appearance. The slick black tires complement the dark Canadian maple wood decking, and the Meepo emblem in the center fulfills the stunning aesthetic.

The Mini 2 has a kicktail shape with a board that is curved vertically for easier plucking. It also has a Hobbywing ESC, which provides excellent stopping and acceleration. The addition of regeneration braking is a notable supplementary function on the Mini 2. This allows you to recuperate some battery charge while riding, extending your endurance. The Hobbywing ESC controller seems to be quite comfortable to use, and it has LED lights on the top that show the rapid pace of technological and battery status.


You should heed critical elements, like the engine and batteries, to obtain the most refined pleasure with an affordable electric longboard. You’re curious about electric longboard pricing if you’re reading this article. It’s advisable to have a skateboard with a longer distance if you intend to utilize it for commuting. You may have to forego high speeds. The quicker you drive, the more power the battery consumes, so you won’t get as far as you might if you went slowly.