What Are Fashion AR Filters?

Hari Tahov speaks of the future of fashion in the AR Industry. Are AR filters taking over the fashion industry?
HARI TAHOV is a highly experienced developer with over 200+ filters created today. With a forward-thinking approach to brand awareness, HARI TAHOV works cohesively with brands and celebrities to conceive and execute AR Filter activations. We discuss the future of AR Filters and the buzz-worthy designs that are telling brand’s stories in a unique way.

What are Instagram AR Filters and why are they important for the fashion industry?
Augmented Reality Filters on Instagram are under a smiley face section under your bio. They are created by developers and digital artists like myself. Instagram stories came out in 2016, two years after they launched AR Filters with the hopes of Snapchat fanatics staying or shifting to Instagram.

AR Filters have become important in the fashion industry. During quarantine when people can’t go out people switch to play with filters to brighten their day. Many brands use filters to spread messages, awareness, showcase new products or let people have fun with the custom AR experience.

What is the first fashion brand you designed filters for?
MENAGERIÉ INTIMATES is the first designer and brand I designed for after graduating college. The brand has a very distinctive luxurious fabric look so we used the pattern to create a 3D AR Filter Mask. The brand has a very specific message “FABRIC HAS NO GENDER”. This inspired the second filter I created for them which promotes awareness and expresses that we can all wear what we want.

If you guys want to check the THIRD MENAGERIÉ filter you can click on the link below.
MENAGERIÉ: https://www.instagram.com/menagerieintimates

Have you worked with brands outside United States?
Yes, KUST beautiful premium underwear brand from Poland, Europe. Their clean look and wide underwear bands inspired me to create the 3D “KUST BAND” AR Filter. It was my first AR Filter utilizing a 3D object I created for a branded fashion campaign.

If you want to try it out go check the link below.
KUST: https://instagram.com/kust.premises

Do you develop filter for individuals or only for companies?
I love working with individuals especially if they are creatives themself. Urbana Chappa is a celebrity stylist and we have worked on three Instagram AR Filter projects on her page which you can check out in the link below. “PERSIAN PRINCESS” is my favorite custom AR filter as it was so personal to her and we took our time to create.


What’s your favorite fashion AR Filter?
I created 3D Crystal Crown with big pearl. “CRYSTAL PEARL” was inspired by Pose on Netflix and it has a lot of layers to it. I love this filter because I was very free with the creative process. After creating this filter I truly realized that filters can dress us up and transform us, which is what fashion is all about.