Wendy Williams Opens Up About Life After Daytime TV in New Documentary: “Where is Wendy Williams?”

Wendy Williams, the iconic television personality known for her candid talk show, is set to bare it all in a new two-part documentary titled “Where is Wendy Williams?” The trailer for the highly anticipated film, released by Lifetime on Feb. 2, offers a glimpse into Williams’ post-talk show life, including her health struggles, financial challenges, and personal battles.

In the trailer, Williams reflects on her journey, stating, “All I know is how to be famous. I really want to be back on television.” The documentary promises an unfiltered look at her life after the end of her daytime show, shedding light on her health issues, substance abuse battles, and the question on everyone’s mind: where is Wendy Williams now?

Set to air over two nights on Lifetime, the documentary follows Williams as she navigates the aftermath of her talk show’s conclusion and grapples with personal and professional setbacks. Cameras followed Williams for nearly two years, capturing her determination to make a career comeback despite facing financial hardships and being placed under a financial guardianship.

The trailer reveals poignant moments of Williams tearfully opening up about her struggles with addiction, missing her family members, and the emotional toll of her situation. “She was put in front of a judge and given a guardian,” one of Williams’ family members shares in the trailer. “That was when they took her away from us.”

Public struggles, including health issues, addiction battles, and relationship changes have marked Williams’ recent years. In 2018, she revealed her diagnosis of Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition affecting the thyroid, and spoke candidly about her ongoing sobriety journey. Additionally, Williams filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter, in 2019, following reports of infidelity.

The documentary also addresses Williams’ financial challenges, with the trailer capturing her candid admission, “I have no money… If it happens to me, it can happen to you.” Through these raw and vulnerable moments, Williams hopes to shed light on the realities of her life and inspire others facing similar struggles.

As the documentary delves into Williams’ past and present, it offers a nuanced portrayal of a woman grappling with fame, fortune, and personal demons. With her son Kevin Hunter Jr. and manager Will Selby serving as executive producers, “Where is Wendy Williams?” promises an intimate and revealing exploration of one of television’s most iconic figures.

The two-part documentary is set to premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, Feb. 24, and Sunday, Feb. 25, offering viewers a candid glimpse into Wendy Williams’ journey of self-discovery and resilience in the face of adversity.