Welcome to the Musik Show

Hello! So glad you’re here, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! What inspired Welcome to the Musik Show?
Growing up, I always took notice of things said around me, especially arguments or debates and others point-of -views. So back in 2016, I started recording arguments to keep as memories for years to look back on, but the more I did it the more it developed into something else, an outlet. An outlet for people to debate in an engaging and healthy way, with no hard feelings, you know. Doing this became addictive to me. So the idea started with capturing arguments or debates by chance to invoking them in a way that still captured the depth and the realness of these conversations. Seeing everyone’s point-of-view and how totally opposite people could think about the same thing was very exciting for me and to see people do this and walk away with no hard feelings made it even better. So in the spring of 2016 the phrase Welcome to the Musik show kept popping in my head and I just kept saying it and saying it until I connected the dots. Its coming together now! You know when we think about what music is a pleasing harmonious sound, you don’t immediately connect that with a debate. But as opposing and heated as these debates can get there is a type of harmony in engaging in them. These debates are like music. Though not strictly about music these debates can be about any topic but the harmony of discourse is often overlooked and I am no expert but in my experience this type of dialogue has been beneficial and therapeutic for those involved. So for years I recorded everything I could and went from doing this with an android to my own studio. The realness, diversity, and the out of the box thinking of my sisters and bros is what inspired this new level podcast.

What makes Welcome to the Musik show different from other podcasts?
Self Adaptation! and Self Knowledge! Being able to step foot any place knowing myself and how to observe and adapt while still being 1000% me is what separates me. I don’t have to put a mask on and put up a façade when I am around people to fit in or be liked. I just do me and try to follow what I believe in, being true to myself before anything. The love from everyone else follows; my surroundings are the same! We dont gotta play the killers around the shootas. We don’t gotta play the smooth fly guys around the woman. We don’t gotta play the cool get money niggas around the go getters. They gonna love us for us or hate us because we love us for us.

What impact do you think Welcome to the Musik Show will have?
A useful one! Things are about to get super turnt! The podcast will feature a couple of different segments that focus more specifically on 1 topic. They cover lifestyle, politics, music, education, and economics, to name a few. Everything from morning inspirations to entertainment to real conversations about happenings in the world right now, we have it all. Life is ever-evolving, and that is where we pull our inspiration from, so the conversations are endless, and so are the heights we can reach.

What helps motivate you?
Time! Time has to be 1 of my biggest motivations, knowing i have so much to accomplish but not enough hours in the day or days in the week keeps me sharp on my toes. With me being so knowledgable about time its very important that each move is planned effectively out and executed properly. Time waits for no man.

Whats 1 things you want people to get from WTTMS?
Insight. But even more, I would love if it inspired the act of pursuit.

When you call WTTMS a new level podcast what do you mean?
They wasn’t expecting this level of the podcast game its different then what they use to. We raising the bar and doing things thats not being done. Welcome to the Musik Show is a new level of the podcast world and you know how we rocking. You can follow me on Welcome to the Musik Show on SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram @MusikShow29.