Wealth University co-founder and rising tech star Sharriff Dyer II is setting an example of hard work

Sharriff Dyer II is a Sales Development Representative, a Tech Sales Content Creator, and the co-founder of Wealth University. He also runs a virtual hiring agency that assists people who do not have a degree or previous experience to break into the technology industry and get hired in remote entry-level SDR or BDR jobs that pay between $40,000 and $75,000 in their first year.

Starting off career

He attributes his business drive to his father, a real estate investor for almost 30 years. He instilled an excellent work ethic and a desire to be a leader in him at an early age. When he was 14, he bought properties at the Detroit Foreclosure/Tax Auction for $500–1,000, advertised and sold them on Craigslist and Facebook, and answered calls. He made $300 for each sale, a lot of money at that age.

After a stellar All-State track career, he attended the University of Michigan – Dearborn for computer science. He also prepared and passed his real estate salesperson test at 18. When the epidemic came in 2020, he failed two courses and decided to shift significantly. He quit college at 20 to sell $2.1 million in real estate by 21. Due to commission-based remuneration, he searched LinkedIn for Account Executive Tech sales positions.

He applied for around 200 jobs and received all objections except one that read, “sorry we aren’t picking you for the Account Executive Interview but your expertise would correlate a lot better with our entry-level Sales Development Representative post!” After getting that email, he was motivated to send out 200 more applications, conducted a few interviews, and received his first offer to work remotely for Decide, a software startup. He earned $50,000 a year and received a free Macbook Pro and other equipment.

One year after buying his condo, he dropped out of school, worked at Amazon 40 hours a week (my shift began at 3 am and lasted until 8 am or 1 pm), then rushed home, changed into a suit, and showed homes until 10 pm. All while in debt, hardly sleeping and living in a studio apartment. He started posting in November 2021 because he believed he could assist many people in getting jobs and enjoying better lives. He started selling his guides to get hired immediately but didn’t see $10k in months until recently.

Wealth University

Wealth University will assist you in launching your profession after high school, college, or even a career change. No matter what degree field your students have, they can start their careers right after college to enter the tech industry, thanks to their established strategic alliances. We prepare them financially for the future as they begin their job. They will establish or start their credit, which they may use to learn how to earn a passive income by trading stocks, using services like Airbnb and Turo, and other methods.

His coaching classes include new resume and cover letter creation, LinkedIn page optimization or creation, and access to his tech sales Discord community. It has three other administrators who instruct our students on wealth-building and passive income strategies after they are hired, including Airbnb, e-commerce, stock and cryptocurrency trading, and investing, among many other things. To speed up the interview and offer processes for our pupils, he also has team members who will submit 25 applications daily on their behalf.

Company Firm Objectives

His goal as a creator is to assist as many people in finding remote or work-from-home tech jobs that pay at least $1000 per week and provide an excellent work-life balance. So, They can use their extra time and money to achieve financial independence and lead satisfying lives. He believes helping more people will result in more rewarding experiences, energy, and financial rewards. The simplest method to influence others is by guiding them.

The Guaranteed Tech Job Program is Wealth University with a personal touch. His personal touch of speed makes it easier for you to land a job quickly. 30-45 days or fewer, or we’ll refund your money. He connects with all of his students daily by going live. Students also can join the team after completing the program, allowing them to coach new students and create a second source of income for themselves.


Among his many accomplishments are the best results on Stan: +15k total leads, $20,000 in revenue from Stan, and $17,000 through affiliate links and other partnerships. , Grossed Total Amounting to Six Figures in One Year. In addition, nearly two hundred individuals have been hired.

Advice for other strugglers

His best suggestion would be to obtain a diary, list all of your loves, dislikes, needs, and wants for the present and the rest of your life, and then make a strategy to only have nice things come into your life. Work toward the new life you desire each day as you awaken, relishing the chance to complete that objective.

Future Goals

His ambitions for Wealth University and his Guaranteed Tech Sales job program include recruiting additional hiring partners so that he may assist a more significant number of people in obtaining employment more reasonably. He is interested in forming partnerships with anybody and everyone who shares the goal of assisting individuals in the creation of additional streams of income.