We Finally Catch Up With Big Chino Hefe

Hello Big Chino Hefe, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER!
Hey, Thanks

Where are you from?
Durham, NC

When did you start making music?
2016, is when I started taking it seriously.

Did you play any sports before music?
Football and basketball.

Where you any good?
Yea I was “laughs”

What inspired you to rap?
Inspired by older cousins that’s was doing music since i was young . My father was also in the band, he played base guitar.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years musically?
I see myself in next 3-5 years “musically” Collaborating with all my favorite artist.

What’s are some of your favorite artists?
1. 50 cent
2. Soulja Boy
3. Lil Wayne

Will you like to stay Independent or sign to a label?
Goal is to stay independent, but if a good situation come threw it got to make sense.

To know more about Big Chino Hefe visit his LinkTree and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @bigchinohefe

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