We Bow by Gungor; A Celebration of the Love and Magnificence of Christmas

Released on December 6th, 2022, We Bow is Gungor’s latest release. It has already registered over 50k streams on Spotify. Although Gungor is made up of Michael Gungor and his wife, Lisa Gungor, in this single, Lisa has chosen to record under her other artist, Isa Ma. Gungor has also collaborated with upcoming singer and songwriter Astyn Turr, whose voice has added a touch of Soul and R&B to the song.

According to Gungor’s bio, his music is meant to open your heart to all of life’s possibilities. Michael Gungor is known for music that transcends religious and cultural boundaries. The other half of his signature sound is his subtle infusion of psychedelic sounds into his songs. 

Gungor’s most popular songs include Beautiful Thing, Glory, and I Forgive You. His work has earned him several Grammy nominations, including Best Gospel Song and Best Gospel Rock or Rap Gospel Album in the 2011 Grammys. 

We Bow is about respecting and honoring God’s birth. Although bowing as a sign of respect is present in many different cultures, Gungor drew inspiration from his visit to Japan. Done with a straight back and with eyes down, bowing in Japan is one of the primary ways of showing respect. In We Bow, the bowing is being done in awe of God, “We bow to thee in all your majesty, We bow to thee and all the mystery.”

The song opens with a simple guitar riff and drums, then builds up to a crescendo with violins, elevating the song to make the listener feel the intensity of the emotions being conveyed. Playing to his style, Gungor adds a piano chord progression to the chorus that gives the song a trippy, lo-fi feel. 

The single cover art is of three men looking at the night sky, a parallel to how the wise men found God in the Bible. Although mainly Christmas-themed and leaning towards a carol, We Bow could also easily pass for a worship song celebrating God’s wonder and love.

Lyrically, Gregor refrains from saying “the birth of Jesus” and instead sticks to “the birth of God,” perhaps as a creative choice or maybe as a way to honor his decision to make his music more inclusive. He also puts aside all other narratives and focuses on love as the reason for Christmas, “Love has come to us, Love has come to us.”

Each vocalist in the song plays to their strengths. The song begins with Isa Ma’s gentle, soft voice that feels like a warm blanket on a cold Christmas morning. Gungor then comes in with a stronger tone, giving momentum to the song. The harmonies are crisp and delicate on the ear, showcasing the trio’s undeniable skill and vocal control. They are also balanced, unlike more contemporary Christmas songs that try to pull out all the stops.

We Bow is available for streaming on Gungor’s Spotify Channel. It would make a great song to add to a slow-paced Christmas playlist, enjoyed with family and friends over a hearty meal or a bonding activity. 

Listen on Spotify:

You can connect on website: www.gungormusic.com

Joel Woodley

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