Ways You Can Boost Productivity: Invest in HR

If you are a business owner, you already know that the most valuable asset you have is your workforce and bearing that in mind, ask yourself if you are investing resources into staff training, health & safety and the general well-being of your employees.

Here are a few examples of aspects of HR where you can make a positive difference.

  • Staff training – There’s nothing better than on-the-job training delivered by a professional 3rd party to motivate employees; if you see potential in a worker, you should give them the opportunity to take relevant course and while this is time-consuming, if you have a leading HR agency on the job, they handle every aspect of your workforce.

  • Employee health & well-being – Arranging employee health checks from a leading Australian company dedicated to providing workforce health solutions. When you inform your workforce that you have arranged for a free on-site health check, they understand that you really do care for your employees and this is reflected in their performance. A happy employee is a busy one and by teaming up with the right provider, you can offer a range of services to promote good health & well-being in your employees.

  • Incentives – Have you ever sat down and looked at the employee incentives you have in place? They might be financial, such as an attendance bonus, or target payments, which can be extremely effective. If you are in a sector where you have to pull out all the stops to please the client, setting realistic targets will definitely motivate the employee; people like to be recognised when they perform well and employee of the month should have a place in your organisation. Here are a few gadgets that are known to increase productivity.

  • Hiring – This should be outsourced to a recruitment agency that works in your sector, which should lead to hiring the right people; the agency screens all candidates and shortlists for interview, those that meet your criteria, leaving you to make the final decision. When you take on a key employee, you are investing heavily and should they turn out to be unsuitable, it has cost you in many ways; outsource all your HR needs, including recruitment, to a leading agency and you won’t have any issues finding the best people to join your organisation.

  • Employee conflicts – Whether a conflict between employees or employee- employer, you need to respond in the correct manner; there are complex labour laws that you don’t want to be on the wrong side of. The HR agency has legal experts and will mediate an issue on your behalf; you can have 24/7 access to the legal team and as soon as an issue arises, you can seek legal advice. If you can resolve a conflict early, this is beneficial to the business as a whole. The Australian government has a fair work policy in place, which every employer should know.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can improve productivity and if you strive to create a working culture that promotes well-being, you are well on the way to success.