Virtual Number: How Can You Use It?

The best way to learn how to use virtual telephony is to order a number SMS free and try to register with it on any Internet website. Thanks to the experimental approach, you will immediately evaluate the benefits of using virtual numbers and feel the freedom and security that they provide.

Algorithm of Registration with Virtual Numbers

People may prefer virtual numbers for receiving SMS for a variety of reasons, from the desire to protect their personal data to the need to enter the phone code of another country to register on restricted Internet platforms. However, whatever your reasons, the sequence of actions is the same:

  • Register on the website of the virtual telephony service provider. The best choice would be a company with the widest offer of local phone numbers in different countries, such as OnlineSIM.
  • Enter your personal account and select the website or social network on which you would like to register, as well as the country with the code of which you will go through this process.
  • Choose the number you like from the suggested ones and indicate it in the account verification form on the desired website.
  • The SMS code will be sent to your OnlineSIM personal account. Copy it and complete the activation process on the selected website.

In Which Cases You Can Use Free Virtual Numbers

The OnlineSIM platform offers its users free numbers for SMS. To get one of them, you don’t even have to register on the website of a virtual numbers provider. It is enough to select a country from the proposed list and a phone number. 

SMS with a confirmation code for free numbers will come directly to the website. It will be demonstrated to users in a special window in real time. By copying it, you can complete the registration process on the chosen platform. However, remember that in this case, your account may not be sufficiently protected, because another user can choose the same number. Therefore, free numbers are best employed in two cases:

  • when you test the provider’s services;
  • when you register to access a website without the intention of using your personal account in the future.

Registration with the help of virtual phone numbers will take less than a minute longer than using a regular phone. However, in return, you get security, confidence, and freedom of access to any Internet resources, even those that are not available to residents of your country. It’s worth a try!