Victor Borja’s Bushwick Productions sets the pace for new vision in artist management

Out of the heart of Bushwick Brooklyn comes out Bushwick Productions. A management media company led by Victor Borja looking to expand independent amateur music development to new levels. Participating in the industry in concert with rising independent acts across the United States and Africa, Borja’s approach to development is keen to succeed with multiple projects promising unexcavated talent with the potential for significant growth in the primary industry. 

To learn more about this success, we spoke with Victor on the phone to go over a few questions regarding Bushwick’s development and what seems to be working for him and his company.

Victor, Thank you for taking our call in regards to this article. First, quickly introduce yourself and tell us a bit of your background.
Hey! Thank you all for taking an interest in what we are doing. We appreciate the connection. My name is Victor Borja. I am a 35-year-old entrepreneur from Brooklyn, originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I am the founder and co-operator of Bushwick Productions, a media management company based out of Bushwick, Brooklyn. I am currently a graduate student at the New School’s Lang School of Public Engagement seeking a master’s in International Affairs in Media. I have a bachelor’s in Political Philosophy from the City University of New York at Lehman College. In addition, I have five years of experience in music management, working with artists across the United States and in the world. 

What is Bushwick Productions, and how did the company come about?
Bushwick Productions is a media management company that focuses on creative development and strategic planning for artists working mainly on audio and visual arts. We serve with a focus on identity building and manage the curation of content releases alongside artists in the popular genre. The company came from an idea of independent development for artistry and the will to share this idea privately to the mass creators (up-and-coming amateur artists) above those with labels or entertainment backing behind them. 

What has been the reason behind Bushwick’s success lately? Why do you think you are buzzing now?
I think that our company has been buzzing around our media circles because of its professional outlook. At Bushwick, we believe in “presentational representation,”  and one of our most significant vital features is the way we approach that professionalism to the general public. With such an approach, we have been able to captivate the eyes and ears of people around our circles and provide excellent paid guidance for artists who hire us to guide them with rollouts or content production.

Does Bushwick serve the general public, or just hired artists who sign you all to representation?
Right now, the company is exclusively restricted to those outsides of the management roster that we have meticulously curated. The roster comprises about 8-10 artists that we are signed to contracts with and focus on as our flagship content. While this is the case, we also have a consultant system that is free of charge in which we answer questions of development and give advice to all artists that contact us. On our website, there is a form that people can fill out and send to us. We usually take a few days to get back, but we always listen and reply to everyone with points to follow to make their content extraordinary and flourishing. 

How many artists are under Bushwick, and who are they?
Currently, we have ten artists in total—six of them in the United States and four from Nigeria. Mooluh, Retric, Twenty, DrillaBaaby, Gleeks, Lil Mizfit, Stello the Demigod, Azeelsanartist, Prince Lee, and Wieflux.

That sounds like a hefty roster. Are there any projects out from any of them?
Actually, yes. Retric has been releasing weekly on a consecutive level, and he just stopped after 52 records to create an album. Twenty and Gleeks both have EP projects out, while Stello and Prince Lee just released a single record each. We are currently developing a sound with Drilla Baaby, and as flagship content, we are releasing multiple singles with Mooluh in the next couple of months with renowned features. 

Considering all of this content and your capacities, how do you do it? How do you create such a buzz for yourself and your company?
For me, the answer to that is creating strong links with key producers and having a level of creative development that reaches an industry-standard easy to identify.  In my opinion, the ultimate hacks to succeed in the independent music industry are to be super extra with what you are doing and have content that identifies people in common. In my guidance as manager, I always tell my artists to find themselves before finding their audience, and the reason why is because natural identity will always attract natural affiliation. Therefore, focusing on what and how you create is very important. Then, after that, who you make people link to that creation is also essential. For me, the links that come from your content being produced to the general public have to be strong and make sense for yourself and your audience. At Bushwick, we are super devoted to satisfying those things, and they have been working well for our clients for the past three years. 

What is the future for you and the company? Where do you see yourselves five years from now?
We are working very hard in the association through content recognition with big entities in major industries. Mooluh, for example, Mooluh is currently working on visuals with Louie Knows, who produces all of YoungBoy NBA’s music videos. He has about three records with predominant features and distributes them simultaneously through Create Music and World Star Hip Hop. His steps will be followed by all of our other clients waiting and eager to release content under a similar game plan for success. 

Victor, thank you so much for the interview. We wish you much success in now and future endeavors. Any final words you want to add?
Ahhh, Thank you so much for your support and rooting wishes. We appreciate the light you shed on our work and what we are doing. I just wanted to add a big shout-out to many who make this whole thing possible behind all of our production. To our engineers CJ and King Luko, thank you. Thank you so much to all of our artists for what you do, and a special shout out to Mooluh for pushing hard to make sure our dream becomes true.   

Joel Woodley

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