Veteran Female Boxer Cary Williams Speaks Out Against USA Boxing’s Inclusion Policy for Transgender Athletes

Cary Williams, a veteran female boxer with 25 years of experience in the sport, is raising serious concerns over a recent decision by USA Boxing to permit transgender individuals to compete against women in the ring. In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Williams expressed her dismay at the move, warning of its potential dangers to female athletes and the integrity of women’s boxing.

“When I heard that they were allowing transgender people to box women, I could not believe it,” Williams stated. “I know it’s been going on in a lot of sports, which is not right on any level. But when you’re talking about people punching each other in the face, in the body, in the head, I really was surprised.”

Williams, who has dedicated herself to various roles within the boxing community, including as a fighter, gym owner, coach, trainer, and promoter, emphasized the physical and biological differences between males and females, drawing from her own experiences in the ring.

“I was sparring with a 16-year-old boy, and you know they all still went light on me,” Williams recounted. “Even though they were boys, they still went light on me, and he just threw, he flicked in a body shot and fractured one of my ribs. It was hairline but hurt like hell, and he didn’t mean to do it.”

Reflecting on this incident, Williams expressed grave concerns about the potential harm that could result from allowing biological males to compete against women. “I couldn’t imagine being hit by a grown man. So, yeah, that experience takes me to this whole other level of thought, you know, thinking if they’re really going to allow men to go in there and box with women. That is just deadly.”

Despite the decision by USA Boxing, Williams remains steadfast in her belief that allowing biological males to compete against women is inherently unfair and dangerous. She emphasized the importance of recognizing reality and science in making such decisions, rather than succumbing to emotional or ideological pressures.

“For individuals to be emotional and base things off of ideology instead of actual reality and science, it’s beyond my belief,” Williams asserted. “I can’t really comprehend what goes through their minds. But I’ll tell you what, if they’re going to say that I’m this, that or the other thing, the issue is if somebody decides that they want to transition, a man wants to transition to be a woman, that is a big decision in life, and they can make that decision.”

Williams also highlighted the potential long-term consequences of allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports, emphasizing the erasure of decades of hard work and progress by female athletes.

“Women are going to lose their space,” Williams warned. “Women, we have had to work really, really hard and for a very long time to have our space in the sport. A very long time. Why can’t transgender athletes do the same thing? You know what? They can create their own space, but it takes time. You can’t just go, ‘Oh, I’m transgender. I want to box women.’ That is unfair as well.”

In light of these concerns, Williams urged reconsidering USA Boxing’s policy, advocating for fairness and safety in women’s sports.