Unusual & Thoughtful Retirement Gifts For Your Hardworking Employees

As the manager or owner of a successful business, you will no doubt be fully aware (and hopefully already acknowledge) the supreme importance of hard-working, dedicated and loyal employees.

Therefore, when one of these employees announces that after many years of dedicated service, they are retiring, you will obviously want to find a perfect gift. With this in mind, continue reading for some ideas for unusual and thoughtful retirement gifts for your hardworking employees.

A Red-Letter Day

If your valued employee is someone who enjoys breaking out of the proverbial norm and is somewhat of a self-described adrenaline junkie, then there could be no better gift to bestow on them on their last day at work than a fully paid voucher for a red-letter day or experience.

From skydiving to experiencing the feeling of weightlessness, there really is something out there for everyone and you can take the time to choose the perfect memorable experience that will be sure to put a big smile on their face. 

Gift Boxes

Another excellent and affordable way to show how much you have appreciated the loyalty and unwavering dedication your employee has shown you and your company over the years is to present them with a fantastic thank you hamper or one of the many corporate gift boxes available online from a prestigious and renowned online retailer.

There is a myriad of different styles, shapes and themes of gift boxes to choose from, so there will certainly be the perfect gift box to suit the individual.

A Fancy-Dress Surprise Party

Obviously, a surprise party is not, in itself, particularly unusual, but if you couple the party with a mandatory fancy dress theme, as well as ensuring the party is as big and as wild as suits the retiring employee, it can be one of the most effective retirement gifts of all.

You could even make a presentation at some point in the night to your hardworking team member, in front of the rest of their colleagues, with a bunch of flowers and a card signed by everyone in and around the office.

Gift Vouchers

There was a time when gift vouchers or coupons were considered to be something of an old-fashioned present, regardless of the recipient, and were even thought to be a gift which not much thought had gone into beforehand.

However, these days, the wide plethora of more unusual and exciting gift vouchers available, both online or from your local high-street store and such a gift could be the ideal way to show your employee how much you will miss them, both on a professional and even a personal level, but still afford them the freedom to choose what to do with their retirement gift.

A Weekend Away

If you, or else another employee, has taken it upon themselves to raise a collection for your retiring member of staff, then it may well be necessary for you to come up with a slightly more impactful and ‘bigger’ retirement gift.

A fantastic example of such a gift would be a weekend away, bought and paid for, that can be used within an allotted amount of time in the next few months. From a cabin by the lake, to a skiing weekend in the mountains, the possibilities are truly endless and you can tailor-make the trip to perfectly fit the individual’s vacation preferences, personality and style.