Unleashing the Power of Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are a versatile, affordable way for businesses & brands to market themselves at trade shows and events. These customizable displays make an impact with eye-popping visuals that engage attendants. Lightweight aluminum snap-together frames hold dye-sublimated stretch fabric graphics.


Tension fabric displays, for instance, infinityexhibits.com, are a great way to boost brand recognition with potential customers and clients. They are available in many styles and sizes and can be used for various events. These products are popular with various businesses, from small to large corporations. With a system that snaps together, setup is fast and easy. Each tubular piece fits into the next, and a locking button secures them for stability. Some systems also have a base that connects to the top of the frame for added support. Some systems are available in several shapes, including curved. This allows you to create a custom booth that will attract the attention of attendees and make your brand stand out. The modern styling, simple setup, and cost-savings make tension fabric systems a winning choice for exhibitors.

Easy to transport and set up

When compared to other types of displays, fabric pop-ups are incredibly lightweight. They can easily fit into a carrying case for easy transportation between events. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses participating in multiple trade shows. Tension fabric displays are also easy to set up and take down. They can be assembled without tools and are less likely to suffer damage due to handling. This lets you focus more on what matters most at your next event. If you want to make a big impression, try a backlit tension fabric display. It’s a great way to grab the attention of attendees walking by your booth. A simple 8ft vertical curve formula tension fabric back wall display can catch the eyes of 5 to 7 additional new attendees who may have otherwise passed your exhibit.


Tension fabric Infinity Exhibits trade show displays are a fast-growing trend in portable trade show booth products. They set up quickly by stretching a fitted fabric graphic (printed with your artwork) over a lightweight frame. They are an excellent option for smaller 10×20 booths and more extensive custom modular exhibits. They are also suitable for high-impact back walls, towers, and fabric tunnels. Unlike traditional displays with hemmed edges, these display systems feature a sleek and smooth appearance with no stitches visible from the front. They are incredibly durable and fade-resistant thanks to the dye sublimation printing process they go through. The fabric is also flame-resistant and will not rip or tear under regular use. This means your graphics will stay vibrant and pristine for years to come.


Tension fabric displays are an effective way to draw attention to your booth. They are versatile and can be shaped to fit any space. They can also be made backlit for a more dramatic effect. These lightweight trade show displays are easy to transport and set up. They are a popular choice for exhibitors on a budget. They are more durable than other displays and can be used multiple times. This flexibility helps you get the most out of your trade show budget. These displays have an aluminum tube frame that pieces together during setup. Then, the custom-printed tension fabric slides over the hardware in a pillowcase-like design. This results in a wrinkle-free, seamless graphic. They use a dye sublimation printing process that creates vibrant graphics.


Tension fabric displays are a powerful way to draw attention to your booth at a trade show. These versatile, high-resolution graphics offer a sophisticated look to your brand and help differentiate you from competitors. They’re also easy to customize to fit your business needs, including using them as a step and repeat backdrop or creating a backlit backdrop for events, presentations, retail stores, and more. Available options include push-fit graphics with silicone edge beading that fits into a channel on the frame for a seamless appearance. Illuminated LED tension fabric displays illuminate the dye-sublimated print from behind for a stunning effect that draws attention from across the exhibit floor. They’re a cost-effective solution for brands that want to make the most of their trade show appearances.