Understanding the Responsibilities of a Security Personnel

The security industry is a booming one and most employers are always looking for more qualified applicants. As with any job, you have to know what your responsibilities are in order to be successful. Not everyone is cut out for the security industry, but if you think that this might be a good fit for you, here’s what you can expect!

Protecting property

One of the main responsibilities of a security guard is to protect company property and assets.  This may mean working in a store, on a loading dock, or in the accounting department. No matter where you work, your job will be to monitor for thefts, manage the flow of traffic and customers into buildings, and ensure that any employees or visitors are not vandalizing equipment or stealing merchandise.

This can also mean being a night watchman.  Some companies employ security guards to patrol business complexes or large commercial centers at night, watching for suspicious activity and making sure that all of the buildings are secure. Others look to secure their ongoing real estate projects and hire security for building sites and construction areas. This is to make sure that nobody steals expensive equipment and materials. 

Protecting individuals

Besides protecting property, security guards are often hired to protect important individuals and executives. This might mean accompanying celebrities to and from their hotel rooms, protecting high-profile athletes, or sitting at a table with important clients of a company.

It’s also not uncommon for security guards to be hired as bodyguards by wealthy individuals who want someone they can trust to watch over them day and night. There are many instances of this when well-known celebrities, music stars, and other famous people hire personal security.

Maintaining order

Whether it’s controlling traffic at a retail store, checking in employees and visitors who are on-site or monitoring the crowds of people attending public events like concerts and conventions, your job will be to keep everybody safe. This may mean that you check bags before an event to make sure that nobody brings in banned items such as weapons, fireworks, or contraband.

You may also be required to assist guests and patrons in the event of an emergency. An evacuation plan is always in place for people who need help getting out of buildings.  This could include elderly people and those with disabilities. As a security guard, you will be expected to look after them and escort them to safety.

Preventative measures

Less common responsibility is to actually take preventative measures in the event of a crime. Security guards may be asked to patrol neighborhoods around schools or parks during certain hours in order to look for suspicious activity and stop crimes before they happen. Some may also be responsible for checking the inside of buildings, such as theaters and stadiums, to make sure that no one has entered with any weapons or prohibited items.

This can extend to using preventative measures in the workplace.  For example, some security personnel is asked to monitor video surveillance cameras during their shift. They watch for anything suspicious and report it to their supervisor.

Monitoring cameras and security systems

Most larger companies have a security system installed. These can include surveillance cameras, locks on doors, and electronic tagging of items. Security guards routinely monitor these systems to make sure that they are working properly. In addition to this, you must be able to respond quickly if the security system goes off. This is especially the case if you are working as a night watchman or overnight security at an office or commercial complex, where nobody else will be around to hear alarms and act accordingly.

Reporting to your superiors

You will be expected to report anything suspicious that you see. Be on the lookout for people who are loitering, lurking in doorways of unauthorized areas, or caught committing crimes. You must act quickly and keep your eyes open at all times!

At some companies, these reports are required daily by certain hours. This can change depending on the job, the company, and the industry. However, there are some that require reports at least twice per week. 

Regardless of the job, it’s important that you document what you see and maintain a record of it. This means keeping some type of written report on suspicious activity or anything else that takes place during your scheduled shift. You may also be required to take photos or record video footage that could be useful in potential investigations.

Never be late and always be on your best behavior

In addition to showing up on time, you will be expected to stay for the entire shift and make sure that your appearance is clean and all of your uniforms are in order.  If you need to step away from your post, let somebody know! There may be times when you must leave a certain area or even abandon it altogether. In these cases, you must notify your other coworkers.

You should be polite and courteous to everyone that you meet. This includes your employers and their guests, visitors who enter the building, and even the people who file past you while you are patrolling a crowded area such as an event or convention. Always maintain professional behavior.

Don’t leave any room for error when it comes to your responsibilities as security personnel. This is especially the case when you are working in public places with large crowds of people or in high-crime areas. 

As stated earlier, some of these responsibilities can depend on whether you work in traditional security guard positions or for a company that offers private security services.  You will not be expected to do everything, but you should be able to do most of them after getting experience and training for the job.

BS7858 is a British standard that outlines the requirements for conducting pre-employment screening of individuals who are employed in security-related positions. This standard is used to ensure that potential employees in the security industry are trustworthy, reliable, and suitable for the job. BS7858 covers aspects such as identity and address verification, employment history, criminal record checks, financial checks, and character references. This standard helps employers make informed decisions about hiring individuals for sensitive security positions.

Security jobs are important because they keep people safe at their place of work, home, or while out in public. Security guards make sure that there is order and peace of mind.  However, it is important to remember that you are not a police officer or soldier. You are someone who protects people by watching out for them and reporting any suspicious activity. If you work in one of these positions, make sure that you know what your responsibilities are so you can do the job well.