Unacademy’s COO Vivek Sinha Resigns Amidst Shifting Dynamics in EdTech

Vivek Sinha, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the prominent edtech unicorn Unacademy, has recently stepped down, marking a significant transition in the organization’s leadership structure. Sinha’s departure announcement came through a heartfelt post shared on a social media platform on a Saturday evening (August 26). Expressing his sentiments, Sinha wrote, “After three incredible years at Unacademy, I have decided to take the next step in my career. Grateful for the opportunities, friendships, and memories I have gained. Thank you for believing in me and constantly pushing me to operate at the peak of my abilities Gaurav Munjal.”

In response to Sinha’s departure, Gaurav Munjal, the CEO of Unacademy, conveyed his appreciation and well-wishes, stating, “Thank you @viveksinhaisb for being a part of Unacademy. You’re one of the most Relentless Leaders I have worked with. Best wishes for the future :)”

While Sinha has not disclosed his immediate plans, his contributions to Unacademy have been significant. Having joined the edtech giant in August 2020 as the COO, he held a pivotal role in managing various facets of the organization’s operations. His purview encompassed overseeing the full-stack P&L of digital test prep, hybrid centers, K12 and jobs & skills verticals. Sinha’s responsibilities extended to leading around 4,000 employees across diverse functions including growth, business, marketing, business development, sales, content, operations, customer experience, academics, capital expenditures, and real estate.

Sinha’s journey prior to Unacademy included impactful stints at OYO and Mobikwik. During his tenure at OYO, he managed a separate business unit for the startup’s joint venture with Softbank, focusing on luxury hotels within India. Moreover, he founded Buildzar.com, a construction-tech startup, in 2015, which secured $4 million in Series A funding before his departure in 2016.

This development unfolds amidst Unacademy’s strategic shifts and organizational changes. The recent hire of Anurag Tiwari from Aakash Educational Institute to lead the offline vertical and the elevation of Graphy CEO Sumit Jain as a partner indicate a dynamic reshuffling of roles within the organization. Notably, these changes seem aligned with Unacademy’s drive to adapt to evolving market conditions.

Unacademy, a notable player in the edtech industry, has navigated through multiple transformative phases. The organization has proactively undertaken cost-cutting measures and refined its operational framework. Although the financials for FY23 are pending, Unacademy reported a net loss of INR 2,848 crore in FY22, reflecting an 85% YoY increase. Despite challenges, the company reached a significant milestone with a cash flow positive month in June 2023, as shared by CEO Gaurav Munjal through his social media platform.

Vivek Sinha’s departure from Unacademy signifies a moment of change in the edtech realm, showcasing the dynamism inherent in the industry and the adaptability of organizations to navigate through transformation while pursuing their mission of providing quality education.