UFFEII To Release New Single “Shake Your Room”

The Swedish Reggaeton artist “UFFEII” will release a new song, “Shake Your Room” on 7th January 2022. This single is his first in English with a mix of Spanish words.

“This song is about a mysterious girl that you could do anything for to have a bit of that mystery and take her to another spectrum when she is with you” says UFFEII.

UFFEII continues “I recorded this song mostly in my car, I took my soundcard, microphone and laptop with me to a parking lot in Gothenburg, Sweden and recorded it there. I also did rent a cottage in a forest in Gothenburg, Sweden to record some parts of the song there as well.

It was so relaxing to just go to the cottage and disconnect from everything and record this song. Later on I moved to another cottage in a different part of Sweden, in Stockholm. I was with a friend there for a week just recording this song and seeing some wild animals, mostly deers. It was so fun and inspiring to see their freedom out there. I am an animal lover!

That inspired me to another song that will be more relaxed and more free instead of an intense party song.

However, speaking of party songs, the next song after “Shake Your Room” is another intense party song. I can’t wait to release the upcoming songs!

Recently I have changed my lifestyle for the better. I started to workout regularly, learn how to cook better and more dishes which I really love to do. Something that many don’t know is that I don´t speak Spanish, which is crazy right? Because my songs have Spanish words and sentences in them but I am now learning Spanish as well, everyday! I also do meditation or more breathing techniques. I am feeling much sharper than before. 

I hope you who read it are good as well and I wish you happy new years!”

We had a great time interviewing Ufuk “UFFEII” Ekici and can´t wait to hear his upcoming songs, we wish all the best!

To know more about UFFEII visit: https://www.uffeii.com/ and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @uffeii 

Jonathan Matis

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