Types of Domestic Violence

What comes to your mind when you think about domestic violence? Defining the term ‘domestic violence’ is not an easy task. A lot of people assume that domestic violence is just limited to physical assault which often results in physical injury to the victim. But, domestic violence is much more than that. There are different categories of domestic violence and all of them come with devastating consequences. 

Domestic violence can be physical, mental/emotional, or financial. But, no matter what, any type of domestic violence should not be tolerated. Here, in this blog, we are guiding you through the various types of domestic violence and how to get away with it. 

What are the different types of domestic violence?

There are various types of domestic violence that people are not aware of. Here are the common types of domestic violence. 

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the most common type of domestic violence. This is the type of domestic violence that leaves an effect on a victim both mentally and physically. Whenever someone hears about domestic violence, the first thing that comes into their mind is physical abuse. 

People are aware of physical abuse because it is very easy to recognise. This type of domestic violence occurs intending to dominate the victim and establish full control over the marriage or relationship. Sexual assault also falls under physical abuse. A lot of reports showed that women suffer much more sexual assault in different places compared to men. 

Reports also state that women engage in physical abuse only when it comes to self-defense. Moreover, physical abuse is considered to be the most dangerous type of domestic violence because it can even lead to death. Sometimes, physical abuse is also conducted with the motive of killing the victim. 

Emotional or mental abuse

Emotional or mental abuse cannot be determined easily due to its non-physical qualities. Emotional abuse is a type of domestic violence that can be figured out by harsh words, actions, etc that a spouse often uses to embarrass or break down the self-esteem of the victim. This type of domestic violence mostly affects the mental state of a person. 

Emotional abuse can be even extended to different norms. It is because the abuser even puts effort to change the reality by confusing the victim. Moreover, this type of domestic violence is also an immediate hazard of causing physical harm to the victim. On the other hand, it may be a group of acts that may hurt the victim indirectly. 


Nobody thinks about this but isolation is also a type of domestic violence. Isolation occurs when the dominating partner tries to dominate the victim to keep the relationship under their control. The dominating partner keeps the victim isolated so that they cannot be in touch with anyone. It is done with the motive to keep the victim socially isolated so that nobody can help them to get away from the abuser. The abuser is the primary person that the victim can be in touch with and nobody can save them. 

How can you get away with domestic violence?

Domestic violence is often very hard to deal with. An abusive partner is often very dominating and we have also seen cases where the abuser also forces their partner to build unwanted sexual relationships. 

Cases of domestic violence must be handled very carefully. We all know that putting effort to get away from domestic violence is a daunting task and the victim must be very careful while taking a step ahead to get out of such a toxic relationship. 

Here, we are sharing with you some effective methods that can help you stop domestic violence. 

Draft proper planning: When someone is being a victim of domestic violence and willing to escape it, they must first draft a proper plan to escape from that place and reach out to people who can provide help and assistance needed to get out of it. 

Collect proper pieces of evidence regarding domestic violence: The victim must know how to gather evidence of facing domestic violence. Take pictures of cuts and bruises, threatening messages, record threatening calls, and all other signs that act as evidence of being abused by the partner. Also, it is very vital to keep this evidence safe while planning for escape. 

Hire a good investigation agency: The victim must connect with a good private detective agency to escape from domestic violence. Hiring a reliable private investigator with great skills and experience will be of great help to get over such situations. When a victim connects with a reliable agency, they will get proper guidance throughout the case.

Talk to domestic violence helplines and local authorities: Victims can also contact various domestic violence helplines and local authorities to seek help and get away from domestic violence. The abusive partner must be handed over to the local authorities and strict action must be taken against them.