Two Great Women Maya Miranda Ambarsari & Rany Fardiany shared Successful Tips for Beginner Startup Entrepreneurs 

Maya Miranda Ambarsari

For any businessmen in Indonesia, the name Maya Miranda Ambarsari is certainly familiar. When you look at her current figure, many people may not believe that she started her business all from scratch. Now Maya Miranda Ambarsari is indeed known as a business owner who owns a number of companies engaged in various industrial fields, ranging from gold mining, shipping, property, and e-commerce.

The Business Journey of Maya Miranda

Maya Miranda was the only female shareholder in PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk, which has been operating since 2012 with trading, mining, mining services, management consulting services for the use of gold in various industrial applications is another important factor why the demand for gold will not subside.

She also began to explore the shipbuilding business in 2019, PT Batamec Shipyard, the most efficient shipbuilding company with well-organized infrastructure, complete facilities and sophisticated equipment placement. This shipbuilding company has also received ISO 9001:2008 awards on quality management systems, as well as safety and health systems from BS OHSAS 18001:2007, as well as ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems.

She want to expanded the business into technology and data, therefore PT.Teknologi Cakra Internasional was born in 2021, she wants to realize her dream together with Rany Fardiany, they have the same vision and mission to create a better world in digital technology which provided update information and accurate data for every business owner, investors, professional and job seeker based on they needed.

She is the one who is behind the figure of Rany Fardiany , she always motivates her to move forward, as her business partner as well as her closest friend, she is the role figure who has always been an inspiration to Rany. From the beginning of their meeting several years ago, for some reason they immediately felt compatible with each other, as if there was a strong chemistry that was felt to unite the two of them. It’s like the universe has outlined them to meet and become good friends while building a business together for the nation’s future.

These two great women have the same goals to have many contributions to build society. They always support each other and fill in the gaps and strengthen each other at any time and in any situation. They often spend time together, we can see from their photos together on Rany’s Instagram. These two women entrepreneurs can be an inspiration for every woman, where they can manage the balance in their lives even though they still play a role in taking care of the family but they are also successful businesswomen.

Rany Fardiany

Rany Fardiany is a female entrepreneur in Indonesia, who is also a philanthropist, has expertise in cyber security & Information Technology, designer, as well as a company leader. Her last position now is CEO of Cakra International Technology, a top IT company. She has several years of experience as managing director in previous companies and in the field of education management. She has successfully educated many young people who have expertise in cyber security over the past decade and are also highly skilled in enterprise management, digital marketing, information security, training, eCommerce, and creative design.

The Business Journey of Rany Fardiany

Besides managing a company under Teknologi Cakra Internasional, Rany Fardiany founded and runs other businesses as a successful entrepreneur. When starting her business in Teknologi Cakra Internasional, Rany and her team nimbly came up with the idea to create a business platform to meet the growing market expectations. Interconnect Data helps business owners find updated and accurate market data and business information in their industry. It enables users to reach their business goals faster by providing the right data and information at every stage. It basically provides you with comprehensive information about public and private companies, start-ups, business partners and professionals relevant to the needs and interests of users. It connects companies, their partners, professionals and job seekers in real-time to authentic data and analytics from enormous and accurate databases.

At this moment, the brand has collaborated with various well-known companies, including the Indonesian Stock Exchange, Statista, S & P Global, and plenty more. This app has helped many growing companies in increasing market opportunities by having specific data on market trends and differentiating their company’s products and highlighting the advantages of their brand over their competitors.

Rany then founded, which also operates under the International Cakra Technology banner. This brand was formed to assist companies in creating brand identity, strategic branding, personal branding, advertising, digital production for companies and their products. produces designs with a focus on communication strategies, fine arts, and the latest technology. Working there, Rany has assisted various brands in developing their corporate identity and products. He contributes in shaping the brand awareness of each product and shaping the company’s image in various parts of the world.

Rany Fardiany as a Philanthropist

Rany Fardiany always wants to be someone who contributes a lot to the surrounding community. She is a member of the ISACA Indonesia Chapter which helps SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and startups navigate Industry 4.0. ISACA provides an opportunity to hone everyone’s skills and learn about technology governance. ISACA is a global association that provides IT professionals with knowledge, credentials, training and community in audit, governance, risk, privacy and IT industry. ISACA helps enterprises thrive with performance improvement solutions and customizable IS/IT training that enable organizations to evaluate, perform, and achieve transformative outcomes and business success.

9 Successful tips for Beginners Entrepreneurs from Maya Miranda & Rany Fardiany

1. Knowing Your Purpose & Following Your Passion

First-time entrepreneurs should start a business they are passionate and knowledgeable about. If you’re going to take the leap and start your own business, it’s going to take a lot of energy, time, and money. The best way to keep yourself motivated through the ups and downs is to do what really matters to you. Buying the first affordable business that comes available just because you want to become an entrepreneur is a recipe for

disaster. If you take immense joy in some business , do your research and go all in. There’s no promise that it will work, but when you follow your passion you know you’ll give it your all. Startups can be quite a grind, so pick something that excites and motivates you. Avoid businesses or industries that you don’t already know a good deal about, as the steep learning curve may hamper your success. Rany said, “Do everything with a feeling of purpose.” Being an entrepreneur entails more than simply selling goods. It isn’t simply about making money.

2. Focus on the Specific & Do your research.

If you have decided what your passion is and how you want to pursue it, you need to do some research on how to start your own business. Maya said : “There are a lot of things to consider before you start a business, such as: Who will your customers be? How will

you get supplies? Does this type of business make a profit in your area or do you need to be strong online?”. Before you throw everything you have into your new business, you need to take an honest look to see if it is a viable idea. This is especially important if you’re trying something new. If you are purchasing a franchise, there should be a lot of material ready for you from the parent company.

Pick a business idea that has a big market opportunity. Go beyond the books and talk to someone who has started a business similar to what you want to do. What were their biggest issues starting out? Frequently, it’s the things you never thought of that can hold you up. Ask someone who knows and can help you start out clean.

According to Rany, a business owner must first determine what problem they wish to tackle. Concentrate on your company. A viable business concept does not need considerable study. Look for ideas by walking about the house or the office. Could you provide me with a realistic solution to a problem that affects you practically every day? Rany is someone who takes calculated risks. You won’t know unless you try. Regardless of how basic or ridiculous your concept is, if you feel there are people out there who would enjoy it, you should put it into action.

3. Develop a Business Plan & Be Your Own

If you’re always yearning for that, becoming an entrepreneur will allow you the flexibility to do things your way. You make and break your own rules, control your own

schedule, and are your own boss. Rany stated that being an entrepreneur means taking charge of one’s own life rather than allowing someone else to dominate one’s life.

Once you’ve run the numbers and you’re confident that it’s a great idea, developing a business plan is the next step. A business plan is your blueprint for making your business successful. It lays out your business concept, how you fit into the marketplace, and the details of how your finances will work. Your business plan is essential if you are going to need investors or a bank loan because they’ll want to see that you have thought things through. Even if you don’t need financing, a business plan is a great way to understand how your new venture will succeed and what issues you could face.

4. Believe in your team, Hire the Right People & Never Stop Networking

Entrepreneurs frequently rely on the knowledge of others. Regardless of the fact that you will handle most of the job, an expert will be able to do some things better, according to Rany. Show your gratitude to those who will help you. Every relationship you develop along the journey should be nurtured. Maybe you will find your Maya Miranda on the journey.

Entrepreneurship is difficult, thrilling, and rewarding all at the same time. Running a business is a lot like having a child; it requires a lot of dedication. Make certain that you have placed everything in it. When you pour your passion, effort, and hard work into it, you will see it flourish. An entrepreneur is someone who has the audacity to pursue their wildest dreams. According to Rany, an entrepreneur is someone who has the bravery to pursue their dreams.

Maya said : “To have a great company, first you need to hire the right people and put them in the right place & position”. Hiring the wrong people is one of the biggest mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs. You need to bring on employees who have the relevant background and experience. They need to fit into the company culture you are trying to build. They need to be hard-working and flexible, as employees in startups often have to function in multiple roles. You must do thorough reference checks on them. Make sure your offer letter says they are “at will” employees and can be terminated at any time. In doing business, Maya also cannot work alone, according to her, working together or team work is very important to do. Having a great superteam will make us stronger.

Maya added : ”In running our business, networking is something that must be built and maintained so that it can provide opportunities for us.” Networking can land you a new investor, a great employee, a new customer, or a great mentor. Attend industry and startup events. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to help you network, so make sure both you and your company have profiles on LinkedIn and that you are constantly adding new connections. When someone does a Google search on you, your LinkedIn profile will usually show up at the top of the search results, so be sure you’re making a good first impression.

5. Be prepared for anything & Ask for Advice from Other Entrepreneurs

Rany believes that failing to achieve anything hundreds or thousands of times may be quite disheartening for certain people. However, as an entrepreneur, your life will most likely seem eerily similar to this on a regular basis. Even if you don’t feel this way all the time, odds are you will experience it on occasion. At one point, you may be celebrating the successful introduction of a new product. The next thing you know, you’re faced with putting out five flames at once, a responsibility that, if not managed properly, may sink your firm. Every day, entrepreneurs ride a roller coaster of ups and downs. This is, however, to be anticipated.

Advice from other entrepreneurs and business professionals (such as lawyers and accountants) can prove to be invaluable. Consider putting together an advisory board, and don’t be afraid to motivate members by giving them stock options in your company. Read industry newsletters and startup publications. Find mentors who can give you advice on hiring, product development, marketing and fundraising. Maya said that : “Every entrepreneur must also always do the best (best of everything) by providing good performance so that we can look good in the eyes of colleagues. Besides that, the most important thing is to never stop learning.”

6. Take Care of Yourself & Research The Competition

Focus on building a great product or service but don’t take it forever to launch. No businessman is a superman. Your product or service has to be at least good, if not great, to start out with. It has to be differentiated in some meaningful and important way from your competitors’ offerings. All else follows from this principle. Don’t dawdle on getting your product out to the market, as early customer feedback is one of the best ways to help improve it.

There will be many difficult days ahead. If you never want to take a break, there is no limit to how powerful you can be. Don’t feel terrible about taking a vacation when you truly need one since it will be a well-deserved break after all the hard work you’ll be doing, said Rany.

Make sure you are thoroughly researching competitive products or services in the marketplace, and keep on top of new developments and enhancements from your competitors. One way to do this is to set up a Google alert to notify you when any new information about your competitors shows up online.

7. Market and Do Market Some More, Improve Your Communication Skills & Get Comfortable with Public Speaking

You continually have to be attracting, building, and even educating your market. Make sure your marketing strategy includes the following: (a) Build a professional-looking, up-to-date website, (b) Learn the fundamentals of SEO (search engine optimization) so that people searching for your products and services might find you near the top of search results, (c ) Use social media to promote your business (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), (d) Engage in content marketing by writing guest articles for relevant websites, Issue press releases for any significant events, (e) Issue press release for any significant events.

Maya said: ”Communication Skill or the ability to communicate is very important in every business and every job. Even Though if we are not having our own business, if we are working in someone else’s company, we still need good communication skill to communicate with others, include to negotiate with clients, to present our products or services to clients or customers, to influence others, and to convince our clients or customers about our projects, and so on.”

According to her, this is very important to implement so that we can communicate with various groups, and never underestimate the environment wherever we are. The ability to communicate effectively can be critical to landing customers, inspiring employees, and pitching to investors to raise capital. Most people are not very good at public speaking and many are even afraid of it. You must work to overcome this fear. Consider working with a public speaking or business coach to practice, get professional feedback

and improve. Some of the most recognized entrepreneurs were great public speakers, such as Steve Jobs.

8. Hire an Experienced Startup Attorney

You need a savvy business lawyer for your company, one who has regularly formed and advised many other entrepreneurs and who specializes in startups. An experienced startup lawyer can help you in such matters like these : (1) Incorporate, (2) Draw up contracts with any co-founders, (3) Prepare key agreements for the business, (4) Set up a stock option plan for employees, (5) Prepare protective offer letters to prospective employees, (6) Help you negotiate terms with prospective investors, (7) Limit your potential legal liabilities, (8) Protect your ideas and inventions through copyrights, patents and non-disclosure agreements.

Get recommendations from other entrepreneurs and venture capitalists if needed. Make sure you have a good rapport with the attorney. Meet with several potential attorneys before you make a final decision, those first meetings should be free.

9. Raise as much Startup Funding as You Can, Constantly Monitor Your Finance & Give Great Customer Service

It’s almost always harder and takes longer to raise startup financing than you think. You must ensure you have a cushion for all the product development and marketing expenses you will incur. In an ideal world, you will have sufficient capital for your operations to break even. Don’t worry about diluting your percentage ownership in the company. Developing a great product takes time and money.

You must keep on top of all of your expenses, income and balance sheet. Many startups have failed because the entrepreneur wasn’t able to adjust spending to avoid running out of cash. Maintain a low overhead. Be frugal with expenses and avoid unnecessary costs. Learn to live on a shoestring budget until meaningful revenues start to flow in. Rany gives advice to keep the balance in good shapes, constantly monitor your startup cash flow and control your balance sheets every month.

Many companies became hugely successful because they focused on providing excellent customer service and support. You want your early customers to give referrals

and sing your praises to their friends and colleagues. Thank your customers personally by email. Go the extra mile to show your appreciation. Create a grand customer journey for your target market and try to reach out as many customers as you can using various media channels and your social media. Maya said :”You should always try to make them happy and satisfied with your products and company services. Then they will be your loyal customers in the future.”

The Conclusion

Both Maya Miranda and Rany Fardiany are great women with so much work to do at the same time. The way they handle many businesses makes them awarded as of the most influential business women in Indonesia. That is why we have provided some effective tips for you from their point of view. Help and advice from someone who is professional and successful in their field will usually have a positive impact on others and will work more effectively. We hope this article will bring much better changes in your life.