TV Shows You Can Watch if You Loved the Squid Game

If you have not yet watched or heard about the new runway hit for Netflix, then you’ve come to the right place as. In just a couple of weeks, Squid Game become the global pop culture phenomenon. Viewers and critics all over the world are in agreement with the immense success of the Squid game.

A month after the premiere of The Paper House’s latest episodes, the new Korean series paved its way to popularity. However, as any ideal Netflix binge-watcher, you must have finished watching Squid Game in a day. And if the wait for Season 2 of Squid Game seems too long, don’t fret! We have got a list of some promising TV shows like Squid Game for you to watch as you wait for season 2.

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Now, it is time to know which TV shows made it to our list.


The first Korean series on Netflix, Kingdom, is a period horror thriller. We know a horror-thriller must have intrigued you after seeing the dark side of Squid Game. The Netflix series, Kingdom, is set in the time of the medieval Joseon dynasty. The show revolves around Crown Prince as he investigates the source of a mysterious plague that has engulfed his country.

Re: Mind

Just several months ago, the Japanese series became super popular. Re: Mind shows 11 high school students, who wake up in an old European-style dining room only to find themselves restrained to the chairs of the huge table. 

But this is not the creepy part. The horror-thriller begins when each classmate faces disaster one by one.

It is creepy, but you will love it, why else would you be here then?

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland is a lot like Squid Game. The show focuses on several young people who try to survive in a suddenly abandoned Tokyo. Forced to engage in a lethal game, the only way to make out alive is to play.

If you are already missing watching Squid Game, then this will help you relive the moments.


A group of high school graduates from a Texas town takes on some deadly challenges. The challenge results in winning $50,000 that will help them leave the place and live their life somewhere far away.

The struggle to survive reminds viewers of Squid Game.

The Purge

With certain political undertones, the Purge successfully created a clear brand of utter terror. This successful saga makes its way to television with two seasons composed. The series bring viewers to the universe of the Purge with a handful of characters living under constant threat.

Sweet Home

Visualizing with tales of hours and science fiction, Sweet Home brings a story of a teenager and how he became a neighbor to a person, who uses them as a survival weapon when the monster attacks.

The Wilds

The story of The Wilds brings mysterious plane crashes, disturbing visuals, and more. Several teenage girls are stranded on a deserted island. The survivors are unaware that they have become part of something more sinister than mere isolation.

Here Comes the Thriller!

Squid Game brought thriller, horror, and a lot more excitement to our screens. However, now that most of us have finished watching the season, it is time to dig in some more into the thriller, horror, and science fiction genres.