Tune Mercury has released his new single and video “Without You”

Tune Mercury releases a new hit, “Without You,” under the “Til-Ya-Tight Music” label. The track is an uplifting love song about the ups and downs of being in a relationship; it will have you swinging your head and shaking your booty.

Tune Mercury is a former football player from Aurora, Colorado; he comes from a musical family and has always been enthusiastic about music. Tune’s music career began in 2010 when his parents bought him a laptop, a microphone, and Protools. He started recording and experimenting with his tunes, displaying them to his close pals. Lil Wayne, Eminem, Lil Baby, Rylo, and No Cap are some of his musical influences. Tune claims that he is drawn to rappers who rap about suffering and struggle and who overcame adversity and achieved success in life. Tune’s ambition is to meet Lil Wayne and learn about the artistic and commercial aspects of the music industry.

Prior to “Without You,” Tune Mercury has produced five mixtapes over the years, including “My Bloody Valentines,” “Games Of Aco,” “Popular Loner,” and “Tune’s World Pt. 1 & 2.” He self-released all of his projects and amassed a sizable Instagram following. In 2020, he drew the attention of Seattle-based entrepreneur JD Hill Jr. who owns an independent label, “Til-Ya-Tight Entertainment.” After hearing Tune’s music, JD knew that the young artist had something special, so he immediately signed him to his label.

“Without You” is now available on all major platforms. Visit www.tytemusic.com for more information on Tune Mercury and Til-Ya-Tight Music.