Displeasing Truths of Top Real Estate Brand Sushma Buildtech

MARCH 2, 2020 – ZIRAKPUR, MOHALI: We spend our lifetime earning in buying an office; the self-owned office is a dream of any entrepreneur. More than worn, it’s an emotion. Once in a lifetime, we all have to deal with a builder. Quite often it is seen that these builders do not only build apartments or offices; they also build pressure and problems for their clients/customers. No matter how many brand awards a real-estate company wins, all goes into vain when services are not up to the mark.

Yes, this is my personal experience, and I am sure most of you must have gone through something similar for sure.

I don’t mind calling Sushma Buildtech the worst builder or real-estate Company in Tri-city. Yes, they are probably the worst. I am not writing all this out of frustration, or something happened to me for the first time. No, it’s not my first experience… I don’t remember the count now, but this is like the fourth or fifth time, or maybe more I am facing a problem with these builders.

I chose them in the first place not because they claimed that they are the best builders in the Tri-city and also holds the best brand award. In fact, I chose them because the co-owner of the company is an IIT Almuni, but it seems he has a feeble sense of management. His promises do not match his working style.

Also, I am sure all those awards that they have won so far and that they flaunt to their clients to impress are not worthy… because they do not fulfil any of the criteria for which they have been awarded with such prestigious awards in the industry.

Their service is so poor, and top of it we have to pay either monetarily or professionally for their poor services. Their staff is lazy, slow and inactive in short they “don’t care at all for customers” and the third party Manhattan Infra Services is beyond worst.

According to Sushma Buildtech, they have developed the Customer Relation Development Team for customer support. I have all the records of what I am writing here: I phoned them on Feb 10, 2020 to know my maintenance charges and account number to make an advance deposit.

According to Sushma’s CRD team member, they have generated a ticket for my query and someone from their team will get back to me to answer this fundamental question. I waited for 17 days “Yes you read it right” no one called me… finally I called them on my own again on Feb 27, and after few efforts, I somehow manage to know the Bank Account number to transfer funds in advance.”

I transferred the advance payment on Friday, Feb 28, 2020 and till Monday, March 02, 2020 (till 1.00 pm) they didn’t update my account”

Today, even after making an advance deposit of maintenance/utility bills, I had to sit at the office without electricity and internet. Can you imagine the situation, sitting helplessly on the first working day of the month because of the unprofessional behavior of the service provider, we are paying prices!

I did not purchase my studio apartment at Sushma Homework for a year or two. This is the place where I am going to work for years, therefore it doesn’t give me any pleasing experience to write all this. I only want to convey to these people that this is not the right way to treat your customers.

If you too are troubled by your builders, it is the time for you to raise your voice… let’s fix the issues by raising our voice.