Trincomalee Unveiled: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time in this Hidden Gem

If you’re looking at east coast destinations in Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is one of the locations that you should add to your travel itinerary.

This coastal city is known for possessing one of the world’s best deep-sea harbours and offers plenty of ocean-related activities to experience.

Without further ado, here are 5 things to do while you’re vacationing in Trincomalee!

1. Follow the Siren’s Call of the Shipwrecks

Are you a scuba diver? If so, the waters off the coast of Trincomalee are sure to beckon to the nautical explorer in you.

A way off the coast, buried deep beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean lie the sunken remnants of ships from WWI & WWII. These have become makeshift homes for a variety of marine life and are a wonder to explore.

2. Head out to Sea in Search of Dolphins & Whales

Sri Lanka is a haven for those who love all things ocean-related, and that includes marine life. Its rich waters are teeming with creatures such as dolphins, sea turtles, too many species of fish to count, and even whales!

The highlight of dolphin and whale watching in Sri Lanka is just how close to shore you can spot these creatures.

Blue whales, sperm whales, spinner dolphins and more are often seen just a short way away from the southern and east coasts; and if you’re looking to enjoy a whale or dolphin-watching excursion on the east coast, Trincomalee is the right place to be – it’s a popular set-off point.

3. Spend Idyllic Days on the Beach

The beaches that line the island’s eastern coast are some of its best, and the ones in and around Trincomalee are known for their beauty and tranquillity, however, each has its own charms.

To the north of the town is Uppavali Beach. This is the busiest of Trincomalee’s beaches and the most developed.

Further beyond is Nilaveli, which is known for its stunning bays as well as stretches of ivory sand.

If you travel further north still, you will stumble across a near-deserted expanse of shoreline at Kucchaveli. This beach offers the ultimate in privacy and seclusion, with only one resort in sight.

4. Enjoy the Resort Life

Among the best things to do while you’re on the east coast is to spend relaxing days on soft shores that go on for days, and it’s not different while you’re in Trincomalee. There are several resorts in and around Trincomalee – take, for example, Uga Jungle Beach. When you travel Trincomalee with Uga Escapes or a similar resort, you’ll be treated to

  1. World-class hospitality & cuisine
  2. Private or semi-private stretches of shoreline
  3. Cosy and spacious villas to unwind in
  4. Beautiful views
  5. Gorgeous swimming pools
  6. Help with planning all your activities and excursions in the region

5. Explore the Rich World Beneath the Waves

If you’ve been hoping to add some good sessions of snorkelling into your travel plans, then Trincomalee will not disappoint you.

Hop on a boat at Nilaveli Beach (one of the beaches in Trincomalee and head over to Pigeon Island National Park) and within 10 minutes or so, you’ll arrive at Nilaveli Beach. Spend hours snorkelling here for the chance to enjoy views of creatures such as reef sharks, turtles, coral reefs and, of course, hundreds of species of fish.