Trendy Nail Accessories In 2022

If you’ve been following fashion trends, you’ll be aware of the fact that applying just nail polish isn’t enough anymore. We are in an era of unlimited possibilities and an untamed level of creativity. The nail fashion industry isn’t left out in these changes hence a lot of new ideas have been adopted in nail fashion ranging from creative color combinations, nail patters, shapes, and to nail accessories which we would be focusing on. If you have yellow toenails, you can refer to this yellow toenails treatment page for treatment options.

What are nail accessories?

Nail accessories comprises of different items or materials added to already polished nails, with the aim of beautifying or adorning them. Your choice of nail accessories shouldbe based on your personal interests and desire. If you think of anything you would want to symbolize bynail art and fashion, get it done. Set the trend and show off your creative skills. These are some of the most popularly used nail accessories in 2022.

  • Rhinestones: rhinestones are currently one of the most trendy nail accessories around the world. If you want to add a bit of flair and sparkles to your nails add a few rhinestones to them. However, if you’re going for ceremonial or festive nails, glue on as many rhinestones as you want. You can do them in random splashes, patterns, writings or even spell a name on your nails. Cool right? Now go get yours done. In the process, if you develop nail fungus, you can always try out toe fungus treatment to solve the problem.
  • Dollar: lately a lot of people have been getting their nails done with dollar notes (most are counterfeit). Get a section of the note that looks pretty to you, cut it out,  glue it on your nails, add your hardener and glossy finish, then you’re good to go. Some other’s use different currency notes but the dollar style is the most popular at the moment.
  • Designer brand logos: I guess you’ve been seeing a lot of Chanel and Louis Vuitton nails around. Well they are pretty much a trend now, fashionistas attaches their favorite designers brand logo to their nails. Some are drawn using a paint brush, others are glued on as tiny gold or silver logos. They actually look really classy and can compliment your outfit if you decide to wear a matching designer clothes or shoes.
  • Plastic stickers: different types of stickers ranging from food, cartoon, movies, dance, music, football, personal and even religious stickers are trendy nail accessories that is making waves in the nail fashion industry at the moment. People now attach stickers of their personal interests or hobbies to their nails. There’s literally a sticker for anything you can imagine and you can get them at nail fashion stores or salon. It’s time to represent all your favorite things with your nails. You can also try these nail wraps from Polish Pops, they’re easy to apply and very trendy.
  • Gemstones: elites and high class individuals as well as celebrities take the nail fashion and accessories to a higher level by adding real gemstones such as diamonds and rubies to their nails. The new trend among celebrity nails is the attachment of various precious stones tobeautify and decorate their nails while standing out and being unique.