Travel Tips For a Trip to Orlando for Introverts

Travelling is an essential part of each person’s life. It doesn’t matter what aspect of traveling attracts you the most. Some people appreciate new acquaintances and interaction with other people in all kinds of social situations – they are extroverts. The other type of travelers go on trips to get an opportunity to eliminate their daily routine at least for a while. Such people prefer solo admiring picturesque landscapes, finding lonely little corners of solitude where they draw energy from.

Introversion doesn’t mean lacking confidence or being shy, it’s not about disliking people or anything like that. Introversion is merely about how your mind responds to dopamine and where you get charged from.

You’ll say then what an introvert could do in such a city as Orlando filled with plenty of things to do and hardly ever have a chance of having one lonely moment. This city can become a magical place, or it can also be overwhelming. This can easily concern every person, especially introverts. The secret is about knowing the right places to visit in Orlando not to be involved in some too tense or stressful activities or get drained of spending a lot of time interacting with others. Probably an introversion journey presupposes considering some car hiring offers, particularly Hertz MCO. This can make your trip more comfortable and pleasant.

The Main Travel Tips for Introverts  

  1. Set aside tranquil time in your timetable. Being constantly on the move during your trip you may expend lots of energy. Therefore, you should find time to recharge yourself, feel your journey at your own pace, not just running around and crossing things off a list. Choose the right places and devote enough time to have your own experience and draw energy. 
  2. Insert collective activities into your trip in the amount appropriate for you. Plan it ahead of time. Mind that group tours give little opportunities to spend time on your own therefore, they are not the best choice for introverts.  However, if you are not ready to pay a huge amount for a private tour you’ll hardly manage to avoid collective activities. So, make a little planning ahead of time to organize such activities in a way that is most convenient for you to have time to get used to the idea.
  3. Travel on your own. Introversion presupposes solo travels. It’s not a secret that the best trip for an introvert is a trip spent without companions, when they can do everything at their own pace. If you’re hesitating about being safe or comfortable enough during such solo travel, try a short trip to a relatively safe place on your own. 
  4. Choose directions calmly and without a rush. Decide how much you want to cope with people while traveling. Because being on a group trip you can hardly avoid such interaction, but still you can find opportunities to have quiet and solid moments. For that, introverts should try to pick up vast open landscapes and places with lots of space and tranquility. 
  5. To have more privacy, be ready to spend more. It’s inevitable if you want to do things alone. Participating in various group activities reduces the cost in comparison with the private experiences. Thus, sometimes it’s better to consider cars for rent and rent a car or pay some other extra fees and get pleasure from your solo trip, than feel uncomfortable all the time. Though it will be useful to consider some car rental tips before renting a car.
  6. Avoid other travelers if you feel uncomfortable in their company. If you don’t belong to the category of people who consider the best aspect of any trip is the fellow travelers they meet on their way. Don’t be afraid to seem weird to others. If someone’s presence prevents you from recharging your energy while traveling, try not to meet new people or at least interact with them not more than you want to.
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So, what are the best destinations in Orlando for introverts?

The Islands of Adventure and Universal Orlando Resort

One of the most exciting destinations for solo travelers in Orlando is Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. If you have never thought about going to these places on your own or perhaps this idea seemed a bit weird to you, it’s high time to change your opinion. The Islands of Adventure and Universal Orlando Resort parks are made excellently for adult travelers who prefer traveling alone.

Walt Disney World

Orlando Walt Disney World can become the next excellent spot for introverts. But mind that this magical place can be overwhelming for some visitors. To avoid this you should take care of little research and planning your trip, choose the appropriate hotel among the huge variety that fits your needs.

The Epcot Theme Park

This is a great place to spend your time-focused vacation, as you should know Epcot has a “quiet” time at the parks connected with local holidays and festivals – early January,  late February and the period after Thanksgiving.

The Epcot Resorts

In comparison with the theme parks the Disney Resorts are much more relaxing and less crowded. They are favorites of many introversive people who like to walk, as they are located within walking distance of Epcot itself.

So, being an introvert visiting Orlando does not necessarily mean to stay in your hotel room all the time. You can easily find appropriate activities here that are right for you.