Top Tips to Boost a Charity’s Success Online

Whether you have set up a charity to support donkeys that are used for heavy labor work or you want to support the reintroduction of wild boars to Scotland, you will need to think about the most effective way to spread your message online. 

Of course, you will need to have a website, social media, and even a fundraising page, but how exactly do you go about ensuring that these sites grow, pull in volunteers and donations, and help to spread the message and aim of your charity?

Marketing for a charity online is not overly different from marketing a business, so read on to learn some key tips about how you can build a successful charity on the internet.


In the first instance, you will need to design an advertising campaign that leads straight to either the homepage of your charity or the fundraising page. You can use Google Charity Ads to help create adverts and display them for free (within certain parameters). There are guidelines to follow, and while this exhaustive guide may seem tough to break down, these adverts have helped many charities to build their presence online.

Social Media

This was mentioned earlier, but it is something that many charities start with. Share updates and information about the charity’s work on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, if you can, aim to create vlogs about what it is that you and your team are doing and showcase where the money raised by the charity is going. Provided the vlogs are not more than 3 minutes long, they are more likely to be shared and viewed, thus spreading awareness of your charity and its goals.

Fundraising Platforms

It is, of course, also worth setting up a fundraising platform that can divert any donations raised back to your charity pot. Research has found that many people are more comfortable donating via a platform rather than a charity website, often because they can be more straightforward to use. So, utilize online fundraising platforms like GoFundMe or JustGiving to set up campaigns and gather donations.


This links more to social media platforms, but it is a great way to get your supporters excited and share information about your charity.

Engage with your charity supporters by responding to comments and messages and by asking for their feedback and ideas. This will help build a community of supporters around the charity. You can do this via vlog posts on social media, blog posts, or even polls, all of which will help to keep your supporters engaged with what your charity is doing.


Developing SEO will help improve the visibility of the charity’s website in search engine results. This can help more people discover the charity and learn about its work, as SEO enables a website to be listed higher on Google search engine results, so your page is more likely to be spotted by those searching for associated keywords. 

Many companies are able to offer discounts to charities on non-profits who want to improve their SEO, so shop around!